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Star Wars Battlefront GamePack Released

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star wars battlefront gamepack

The Star Wars Battlefront GamePack exclusive to CronusMAX PLUS was released to coincide with the open public beta release for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game will be officially released on November 17th where you can expect for this GamePack to be developed even further when more weapons / modes are made available. We had a blast playing this game though, lot’s of fun – especially for Star Wars fans 🙂

Enjoy that extra day that you’ve been given on the Open Beta!

Click Here to see the full instructions manual

A GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires. Simply load a GamePack onto your CronusMAX PLUS, configure it to your own preferred settings with an easy to use interface and you’re ready to go. This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the CronusMAX PLUS is perfect for the gamer looking to add that extra edge.


Written by Charlie on . Posted in CronusMAX News, News


It’s been a long time coming but finally, after many months of development and intense engineering, we are happy to announce that the CronusMAX PLUS is the world’s first cross-over controller adapter with full true PS4 CONTROLLER SIX-AXIS SUPPORT!

With other devices you can only read the accelerometer values on the input (and they are not even the correct values), this is no longer the case for the CronusMAX PLUS.

Games such as Blue Estate, The Last of US and Flower were either unplayable or required you to disconnect the CronusMAX for certain parts, are now completely playable!

For example you can now recharge your flashlight in the PS4 version of the Last of Us by shaking your controller, play the awesome rail shooter, Blue Estate with it’s full Gyro features and Rapid Fire, or use GTA SIX-AXIS features which are a lot more fun and easier to use than regular controls such as reloading a weapon, riding a motorbike, navigating a boat or piloting a helicopter.

Also, all Six Sensors (X,Y & Z Accelerometers and Pitch, Roll and Yaw Gyrometer sensors) input data can now be correctly and independently read and used for GPC scripting.

SIX-AXIS Explained

SIX-AXIS refers to the accelerometer/gyroscope in the PS4 controller.

The term “Six Degrees of Freedom” refers to the gyrometer’s X, Y, Z in-plane forces and the accelerometers X, Y, Z real-world plane forces.

The gyrometer works with “Pitch”, “Roll” and “Yaw” movements. The motions are illustrated below:


Combined, these inputs allow for creating the amazing effects seen in PS4 games such as Drive Club, The Last of Us, Blue Estate, Flower and many, many others.

So how does this now work with CronusMAX PLUS? (Here comes the Technical stuff!)

The output report is now configured to pass correctly formatted SIX-AXIS data to the PS4 in such a way that the PS4 will recognize it.

The output feature data is sent with the correct data so the PS4 is calibrated to accept the data as it is originally intended.

The input report data is passed correctly to the CronusMAX’s VM and monitor. Previous versions didn’t pass gyro data and placed the accel data in the gyro location giving what we now know as inaccurate data.

Accel are the XYZ coordinates which point down with gravity, at rest on the desk the Z Axis accel shows 25, this represents the acceleration due to gravity, i.e 25 is 1G….the range is +/- 4G

Gyro represents angular velocity about the respective axes:

X – Pitch
Y – Roll
Z – Yaw

You can now use the following GPC commands correctly for input data:


Updating to Firmware v1.07 is easy, simply connect your CronusMAX PLUS to your PC using a mini-USB cable, open the Cronus Pro software and go to Tools > Firmware Update. That’s it!


We have so much more ongoing development in the works – stay tuned 🙂

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    10 / 10 here !

    If you own a ps3 and prefer an xbox controller, or even use a keyboard and mouse, this is a must to remap your keyboard to a controller. Go buy it now you won't be disappointed !

  • Rating

    Amazing device

    If you're like me and love your PS4 controller but want to use an Xbox One GET THIS you won't be sorry.

  • Rating

    Worth every penny

    The controller feels and performs as it does on the xbox right there on my ps3, awesome job guys, and worth every penny !!!

  • Rating

    Amazing Macro combos

    tested Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I was able to perform normal & FADC combos with some characters like Ryu and Ken with a single click. Amazing.

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    As good as a XIM

    If you are a pc gamer, that needs a pc solution for console, get yourself a CronusMAX you will not regret it.

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    KB & Mouse RULES!

    All I can say playing 10 minutes with CronusMAX properly configured it felt better then PC....YES I said it even better then PC, it's that smooth.

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    Six-Axis 360!

    WOW! I can finally get that six-axis awesomeness on my Xbox 360. The best money I ever spent.

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    Beats all rapidfire mods

    I've tried the Intensafire, Godfather even the new Wolf controller. The CronusMAX beats them hands down and no wires or soldering too. 5 Stars!

  • Rating

    Just perfect!

    I can't believe how much this can do for the price tag - it blew me away. Best controller upgrade ever.

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    Hugh Thanks!

    Without your help I couldn't be playing Xbox, thanks guys.

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    I have to say after reading the forums for Destiny Mouse and Keyboard setup I was flying into getting it set up in 20 minutes. It works outstanding! I'm more then satisfied and its worth every penny!

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    Achievement Unlocked!

    Idle boosting Complete 150 Multiplayer games, James Cameron's Avatar. My friend said it would be hard, I laughed then linked him.

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    Now this is a company you can count on and trust...keep up the great work guys!

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    What Disability?

    I would like to thank you for making the CronusMax. I have this problem hitting L3 and R3, and today that problem was fixed. I love the remap feature on the Cronus max. You made my life easier.

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    Awesome stuff guys!

    Playing Forza 5 with my original MS 360 wireless wheel makes the XB1 complete for me, thanks to the CronusMax. Thumbs up!