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CronusMAX PLUS Firmware v1.23 Released

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CronusMAX brings you the third major update of 2016 – in case you missed them, here are the First and Second major updates of the year.

The main highlights for this release are support for the new PS4 Slim DualShock 4 Controller (Model: CUH-ZCT2U) that was released with the PS4 Slim console, Fanatec Racing Wheel Support, a huge update to our PS4 Wheel Edition Mode that adds a large list of Fanatec wheels, pedals, shifters rims and add-ons, all with full force feedback support without the need for any software plugins or a computer to be hooked up to the console, and finally the Xbox One Controller Battery Fix for all Xbox Controllers including the new Xbox One S Controller.

PS4 Slim DualShock 4 Controller

ps4slimCronusMAX is the first controller adapter in the world to add support for the new DualShock 4 Controller Model CUH-ZCT2U that was released with the new PS4 Slim consoles. You can use this awesome new controller to play on many compatible console or system such as the Xbox One S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation TV, Windows PC, and Android Devices (With OTG Cable). You can also use our Zero Lag Tournament Mode with this controller, as when the cable disconnects or becomes loose in USB mode without the CronusMAX it defaults back to Bluetooth – not so with the CronusMAX Tournament Mode, it stays in full, lag-free wired mode. Our Zero Lag Tournament Edition Mode feature was used by every team at this year’s Call of Duty XP 2016 World Championships – no other device compares!

Fanatec Racing Wheel Support

fanatecFor the first time ever, CronusMAX now offers support for a full range of Fanatec Racing wheels on the PlayStation 4 – as long as the wheel supports PS3 mode, they’re good to go. The amazing PS4 Wheel Edition Mode now gives the ability to connect Fanatec Wheels with Full Force Feedback Support, including support for pedals, shifters and other add-ons, all without the need for a computer to be connected to the console or any software plug-ins. This is what the Fanatec Racing Wheel community has been waiting for! So you have a CSW V2 and want to play F1 2016 or Assetto Corsa on the PS4? You got it!

Xbox One Controller Battery Fix

xboxonesXbox Controllers can now be authenticated for crossover controller use on an Xbox One console without needing to remove the batteries. This includes the new Xbox One S Controller!




As always in Cronus PRO go to Tools > Firmware Update

CronusMAX PLUS Standard Mode v1.23 Changes:
  • Added: Support for New DualShock 4 Controller CUH-ZCT2U (Released with PS4 Slim).
  • Added: Correct XB1 input report sequence numbering.
  • Added: XB1 controllers can now be used as authorization controller with batteries.
  • Tested with:
  • – Xbox One S Controller 3.1.1215.0
  • – Xbox One Controller with 3.5mm jack 2.3.2381.0
  • – Xbox One Controller 2.3.2381.0
CronusMAX PLUS Tournament Edition v1.23 Changes:
  • Added: Correct XB1 input report sequence numbering.
  • Added: XB1 controllers can now be used as authorization controller with batteries.
  • Tested with:
  • – Xbox One S Controller 3.1.1215.0
  • – Xbox One Controller with 3.5mm jack 2.3.2381.0
  • – Xbox One Controller 2.3.2381.0
CronusMAX PLUS PS4 Wheel Edition v1.23 Changes:
  • Updated: G25/G27 switch command to support Fanatec emulation modes (Wheel must be in PS3 Mode).
  • Updated: Moved the G27 PS Home button combo L2 & R2 –> PS to L3 & R3 –> PS.
  • Added: Support now added for Fanatec Wheels with PS3 Mode.
  • Full Force Feedback, Pedals, Shifters, XMB and In-Game Menu Navigation
  • Tested With:
  • – Fanatec CSR
  • – Fanatec CSR Elite
  • – Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S
  • – Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2
  • – Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • – Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS v2
  • – Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v1.5
  • – Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2
PS4 Games Tested Include:
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Project Cars
  • F1 2016
  • F1 2015
  • Drive Club
  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo
Many Add-ons Tested Including:
  • Clubsport V2 Pedals
  • Clubsport V3 Pedals
  • CSS V1.5 SQ Shifter
  • BMW GT2 Rim
  • CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One (CSL RP1X)
  • Formula Rim
  • Universal Hub Rim
  • Porsche 918 RSR wheel
  • Formula Carbon wheel

For instructions on how to setup racing Wheels with the PS4 Wheel Edition, go to this page in the manual.

We wish to thank the many beta testers who helped us these last 2 weeks to make this release as best as we possibly could. In no particular order:

MartyMcSpy, Stephen1300, Picklock, Ecstreme, jotavip, kntkatt, GL0ZZ3N, KittyDawn, jarmenti, AntinOz, Wolfpower11, Yabba, Elohims Wrath, wilbarron, Schattastic, enzo91 and geert.

Special Thanks to Kevin for providing the CUH-ZCT2U a week before it hit the stores. Sorry we didn’t get that update out sooner, but wanted to make sure this release was ready as a whole, we figured you wouldn’t mind waiting an extra couple of days.


#1 Make sure you correctly unpair your Wireless DS4 Controller from your PS4: Click Here
#2 Use the New PS4 Wheel Edition Forums For Support & Guidance: Click Here
#3 Here is the Logitech G27 Button layout that is mapped to the G29: Click Here – You can use this to easily map the buttons of your own supported wheel

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