CronusMAX PLUS New Features

Our dedicated team of engineers have rebuilt the software engine for the award winning CronusMAX from the ground up to bring you a next generation of functionality for 2015/2016 – we are extremely happy to present the new and long awaited CronusMAX PLUS upgrade. This incredible upgrade increases the power of the CronusMAX with new features including PS4 Full Crossover Support, USB Hub Support for fast and easy Controller setup and full time authentication, PS4 Wireless Support*, PS4 Full Touchpad Support, PS4 Full True Sixaxis Support, Xbox One Elite Controller Support, Tournament Edition Mode, PlayStation TV Support, Xbox One Trigger Rumble Support and much, much more including many bug fixes and optimizations.

Feature CronusMAX PLUS (v3 2015-2016) CronusMAX (v2 2014) CronusMAX (v1 2013)
Best Choice!
PS4*, Xbox One**, PS3, Xbox 360**, Android*** & PC Compatible
PS4 Full Cross Over Support†
USB Hub Support (Fast & Easy Controller Setup with Full Time Auth)
PlayStation TV Compatible
PS4 Wireless Support
PS4 Full Touchpad Support
PS4 Full True Sixaxis Support
PS4 Wireless Authentication*
Visual Scripting Interface – GPC Blockly
Tournament Edition Mode
LED Backlight Ring Mechanism
LED Memory Profile Button
Dualshock 4 Lightbar Brightness Control
Xbox One Trigger Rumble Support
PCB Dedicated Power Layers (Both GND & VCC)
Improved Chipset for XIM & Third Party Controller Support
USB Output Socket Correction
PS4 Mechanical Compatibility
Firmware Recovery Mode
Speed Optimized Firmware
80+ Exclusive GamePacks
Crossover Controller Feature
Cronus Pro GPC Scripting
Cronus Pro GPC Online Library (Over 1500 Free Scripts)
Cronus Pro Software Support
X-AIM Plugin (Mouse & Keyboard, Racing Wheels etc)††
MAX Mapper Plugin (Button Remapper)
MAX Combo Plugin (Macro/Combo Creator)
MAX Rec Plugin (Record Controller Output)
MAX-Input Software (Next Generation Direct Input Communication)
Script Manipulator Software
9 Memory Slots
Does NOT Void Console or Controller Warranty
100% Undetectable Online
Online Updates (New Features & Bug Fixes)
Free Live Script Support
Full Support Partial Support/If Upgraded to Plus FW No Support

*Requires a PS4 controller to authenticate. Wireless function requires a USB Bluetooth adapter. PS4 Wireless Authentication not applicable with USB Hub Support – must use a micro USB cable.
**Requires a compatible Wired Xbox 360 Controller or Xbox One controller with a full data micro USB cable to authenticate (Xbox One Controllers must have their batteries removed). 360 Wireless function requires a Microsoft Wireless Receiver. The Xbox One Wireless Receiver is not compatible with CronusMAX at this time and is currently under development.
***Requires a Windows PC and an OTG cable.
If you have a CronusMAX PLUS with 1.20+ Firmware and a USB Hub, Full Time Authentication Works perfectly. However if you have an older model Cronus, it will reset it’s authentication on the PS4 once every 8-10 minutes.
††Requires a Windows PC to be connected.

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