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  2. Multiple remapper profiles
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  11. Need help
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  16. Staff, Guests, Members---Your opinion Plz
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  18. PS4 Xbox One Elite Tastenbelegung wie Ps4 Controller
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  20. XBOX ONE xb1 controller on xb1 console (using cronusmax for rapid fire) INPUT LAG
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  25. PS4 Logitech extreme 3D pro
  26. Lex Lost Review
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  30. CronusMAX PlusV2 stopped working, please advice!
  31. *Help* PS4 CronusMAX PLUS USB Hub Support
  32. bluet00th
  33. CronusMAX Support for Android TV Box
  34. PS4 LAG when the cronusmax is plugged in!!!
  35. General Questions
  36. CronusMax Plus Recovery Confirmation
  37. PCprog port not being detected
  38. What other Troubleshooting Steps are available?
  39. PS4 Question about Direct Input
  40. PS4 Using Xbox One controller on PS4 questions
  41. PS4 Unable to connect DS4 to PS4 via Cronusmax Plus
  42. NO MORE AU!!! But...
  43. Auto im
  44. question about arcade stick
  45. CronusMax V1
  46. PS4 No longer connecting to ps4 controller
  47. issue of cronusmax plus
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  50. Cronospro "Unknown" virus detected with AVG
  51. Wireless xBox One controller on PC
  52. Does this USB Hub work?
  53. PS4 360 Fight Stick Disconnects after 10 Minutes
  54. where can i find out news
  55. PS4 FW 3.5
  56. Connecting the Wii U Pro Controller without the Bluetooth dongle (PROBLEM)
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  58. PS4 Lag-free Bluetooth adapter
  59. PS4 PS4 Gold Headset with Xbox One Elite Controller
  60. Returned cronusmax no response..
  61. cronusmax plus issues
  62. cronsmax + will not give me a au
  63. Unable to connect to PC (FIXED)
  64. PS4 Razer Atrox 360 Stick on Ps4
  65. Keyboard and Mouse will not work. 'E, Flashing.
  66. Going full noob
  67. Cronus max plus AU
  68. XBOX ONE WII U pro controller on XB1
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  70. Trying to remap PS4 controller TouchPad to PS3 controller Select button
  71. weird stuff happening
  72. Error When Loading Memory Slots
  73. Any USB switches that work?
  74. ProCube won't work
  75. Xbox360 controller to wiiu support?
  76. Cronus BANNED at EVO
  77. New CronusMax Plus doesnt appear on computer
  78. Firm ware update not working
  79. ChronusMac stopped working
  80. XBOX ONE Xbox 360 to Xbox One Support
  81. Is it possible to change the output protocol with a script?
  82. Any way to update my CronusMax from a Macbook Air?
  83. PS4 Using an Xbox One controller for PC remote play
  84. PS4 disconnect tion
  85. what am i doing wrong
  86. Bundled USB Audio adapter only outputting audio to 1 ear on PS4?
  87. PS4 CronusMAX
  88. CronuxMax Plus only detected when connected to PS4.
  89. My CronusMax Plus feels like it has a delay/ jitter?
  90. I've been thinking, lol.
  91. PS4 Hori RAP4
  92. Device Disconnected
  93. Gamepacks not working ingame
  94. XBOX ONE 2 Cronusmax Gamepack with Keyboard/Mouse
  95. XBOX ONE simple question!
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  97. New Cronusmax Plus just a brick now?
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  100. XBOX ONE Still a little unclear on things.
  101. PS4 Headphones !
  102. XBOX ONE No sound when the CronusMax PLUS is hooked up. You should be clear on the packaging.
  103. Device disconnected
  104. PS4 360 to ps4, was working for over a year, broken after redownloading.
  105. Need help, 2x Cronus max/gamepacks with K/b mouse
  106. Please Help
  107. Dark Souls 3 Touch Pad Mapping (FIXED)
  108. PS4 controller with chat on the Xbox 360 (PLEASE HELP)
  109. Same old problems cronusmax plus (amazon purchase) device disconnected
  110. HUB : Pad and Joystick. I want to take control of my Pad after I play my joystick
  111. PS 4 <-> PC = power down
  112. Is there a way to use xbox 360 controller on ps4 and enable microphone for chat?
  113. PS4 Serial number invalid
  114. Cronus max plus is stuck at zero
  115. headphones
  116. PS4 Wireless 360 guitar to PS4
  117. Auto Disconnect
  118. Using xbox one wireless adapter on pc with xbox one controller
  119. Two CronusMax Plus on Playstation TV?
  120. XBOX ONE delay in mouse movement
  121. xbox one
  122. XBOX ONE CM Not Coming on
  123. USB 2.0 Hub Certified For CronusMAX PLUS & CronusMAX PLUS PS4 Add-On Pack
  124. can cronusmax and wiimote be used as ps move?
  125. PS4 help
  126. PS4 controller disconnects
  127. A question about what is possible with this device?
  128. cronus max plus to ds4 on ps4 issue
  129. XBOX 360 Do i have to keep authenticate every single time.
  130. PS4 PS4 Authentication Without USB HUB
  131. Problem with Wii U Pro Controller
  132. Flashing E Error with xbox one
  133. PS4 Mouse settings problem/question
  134. XBOX ONE mods error
  135. XBOX 1 elite on PS4 wireless
  136. Where do i make adjustments to make hair trigger or weapons respond faster?
  137. PS4 Question: XBOX 360 controller to PS4 over remote play pc
  138. Cronus Max Plus isn't working on PS4
  139. Split 1 controller on two (for 8 Player Micro Machines)?
  141. need help - cronusmax plus - wont work on my asus g750 laptop.
  142. Newest Version of Cronusmax Plus
  143. XBOX ONE razer wldcat┬┤s extra buttons
  144. help me please
  145. PS4 PS4 Addon USB Audio extremely low volumes
  146. Wireless Xbox One Controller on PS4
  147. PS4 Madcatz TE2+ PS4 compatibility?
  148. Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 on Xbox 360?
  149. PS4 Cronusmax plus PS 4.5 compatibility
  150. cronusmax plus not connecting to pc
  151. Xbox One Elite Controller Questions
  152. Ps4 controller on ps4 sloppy control
  153. Dualshock 4 not connecting to Bluetooth dongle.
  154. Put USB Port to the back of PS4
  155. PS4 Failed to update firmware
  156. PS4 Greetings Cronusmax and all you guys =)
  157. PS3 Using PS4 Sixaxis on PS3
  158. error E:3 help please
  159. USB Recognized briefly, now not
  160. CronusMax plus works on windows 7, but not working windows 10 (FIXED)
  161. Questions before I buy
  162. Xbox One Elite/Xbox 360 controler no rumble/vibrations on PS4
  163. Unable to upgrade firmware
  164. Dont works my new cronusmax plus (FIXED)
  165. Cronusmax plus Mouse settings for battleborn
  166. No Xbox One Controller authentication
  167. Cinch and battle beaver customs can my cm remap these buttons?
  168. xbox 360 wheel works on xbox1 but can'f figure how to work in win 10
  169. Need three or more way HUB
  170. Besoin d'aide
  171. Can controller swtich between X1 and PS4
  172. Xbox 360 Wired controller on PS4
  173. PS4 need help cronusmax dont recognize usb hubs =(
  174. xbox controller wireless help
  175. PowerA Xbox One Liquid Metal Wired Controller Problem
  176. PS4 2nd Fight stick disables my cronusmax stick.
  177. Rock Candy Wiimote Question
  178. XBOX ONE Hello! Support Headset XboxOne.
  179. change control sensitivy?
  180. PS4 help
  181. What type of wired Xbox controller y'all use?
  182. Pronlem with bluetooth (FIXED)
  183. xbox 360 gamepad on xbox one console - rumble vibration
  184. Ps4 flightstick on Xbox one?
  185. Uk Stock
  186. XBOX 360 Controllor issues
  187. XBOX ONE CronsMax Not turning on
  188. Xaim gamepack
  189. Ajuda
  190. PS4 Question about Elite Controller on PS4
  191. Xbox360 controller on PC
  192. PS4 help
  193. PS4 help
  194. XBOX ONE controller disconnection issues
  195. Programmable extra buttons on custom controller?
  196. PS4 Cronusmax work not more.
  197. PS4 USB hub not working
  198. Micro not work
  199. cronus switching to p2 when plugged in?
  200. ps4 dissconnect and not working
  201. Buy me cronusmax plus, old 1 broke. mouse problem now.
  202. Unusual controller output. Lost Little soldier.
  203. XBOX ONE Two controllers for chat questions
  204. Bluetooth faulty on my console. Can one of these products bypass the problem.
  205. Faulty? Please Help
  206. bricked?
  207. XBOX ONE M&K Vertical Axe Problem!
  208. Visual script, help me on this topic. RIGHT - DOWN AND RIGHT TIME
  209. PS4 I have a few questions about CronusMax Plus
  210. Cronusmax Plus v3 - E3 error and firmware update failure
  211. PS4 Hub not working with Xbox One Elite Controller
  212. PS4 Ps4 chat
  213. Someone help me, I'm so close to Having Fun
  214. Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows
  215. PC, Cronus, and Xbox One Same Time
  216. Xbox One Wireless Adapter
  217. Xbox one elite controller randomly stops working on Ps4 (Not because of auth)
  218. cronusmax plus stopped working.
  219. Use CM as a USB bluetooth sound card on PS4?
  220. cronusPro desktop
  221. PS4 Dongle bluetooh stopped
  222. Xbox One Wireless Adapter on PS4?
  223. Solved - CMP Isn't detected by CP on USB 2.0 (FIXED)
  224. please help
  225. Power on options
  226. I just recieved the CM but not working R U flicking or something
  227. PS4 Using Cronusmax plus with HORI controller
  228. XBOX ONE usb hub?
  229. CM not working anymore (FIXED)
  230. Xbox One / PS4 Guitar to Xbox 360
  231. PS4 Just ordered a ChronusMax Plus
  232. XBOX ONE someone help syncing my xbox controller to the cronusmax.
  233. PS4 So this pass week was MLG ANAHEIM and Cronusmax was being used at the event.
  234. Pre-Purchase Question - PS4
  235. PS4 Cotrollermax dont` find the cotroller always lighting AU.Au.Au
  236. XBOX 360 Using Brook and CronusMax together (PS3 to X360)
  237. PS4 Connection Lost (FIXED)
  238. Xbox 360 controller can't control Xbox after plugging in Cronus Max (FIXED)
  239. Using xbox elite controller on PS4, have question
  240. Ultra Street Fighter IV
  241. XBOX ONE E3 Question
  242. AU authorization wont work anymore (FIXED)
  243. PS4 Cronus V3 randomly disconects with XB1 Elite Controler on PS4
  244. Xbox one s controller with bluetooth
  245. PS4 PS4 CRONUSMAX PLUS v3 Timeout Error: The device is not responding
  246. XBOX ONE earphone alternative
  247. Device Not Connecting
  248. PS4 My controller does not work.HELP
  249. elite on ps4 playing destiny
  250. New PS3 Controller won't pair?