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  17. Multiple controllers ?
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  23. XBOX One Setup Help
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  26. Aimon
  27. Support for PC USB controllers (E.g. Sega Saturn USB)?
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  30. Xbox360 not working on Xbox One
  31. my cronus deivce isnt reading my ps4
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  33. CronusMax Patched??
  34. fanatec volanti
  35. Clarification about Dualshock 4 and X360/XBone
  36. Dualshock 4 on Ps3
  37. best option for incompatible device
  38. Datel ArcadePro
  39. keyboard on PS3/PS4 (Fixed)
  40. 360 brawlstick (not fightstick) dual modded Toodles cthulhu + rj45 cable working !
  41. hitboxarcade PS3/PC version + CronusMAX for XB1
  42. Sony Nav MaxRemapper problem
  43. Mouse speed when aiming
  44. XB1 w/ cronusmax and game chat / using a microphone
  45. BATLEFIELD 4 PS4 headtracking crazy idea works?
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  48. g25/27???
  49. Xbox One
  50. Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller on PC?
  51. Handicapped gamer looking to get my QuasiCon Axis-2 1P Controller to work on next-gen
  52. DS3 on XB360 issue
  53. appreciate the help but having a few more issues
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  56. Xbox One Controller Disconnects after 5 minutes of play
  57. Wireless Xbox 360 pad disconnecting on PS3
  58. Question about Xbox One authentication
  59. Need help setting up Cronsmax for Xbox One
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  61. CronusMAX sutck in A/U
  62. Max Remapper save profile on close?
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  65. Device Monitor controls not matching
  66. Controller wont function when My Arcade Stick is plugged into CronusMax on Xbox One
  68. PS4 controller on Xbox One precision
  69. CronusMax Will Only Authenticate 360 Controller when the Mini USB is plugged to a PC
  70. Correct me if i'm wrong
  71. does ps2 convert over to xboxone. using a controller?
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  73. DS4 ON XBOX 360
  74. Consider this Cronus. G27 Racing Wheel for Xbox 360
  75. Arduino/ Makey Makey Support?
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  77. XBOX ONE Authentication
  78. DS4 wireless on PS3.
  79. xim edge help
  80. PS3 controller on Xbox question chat question.
  81. Wiimote Accelerometer Mapping to XBOX 360
  82. Problem with Xbox 360 Controller on PS3 and Accelleration Mapping
  83. PS3 arcade stick to XB360 issue
  84. Aimon XB EliteV with Cronus on Xbox One - Battlefield 4
  85. Dualshock 4 on PS3 wireless (Fixed)
  86. [Xbox360] Modern Warfere 2 with wiimote on xbox360
  87. Killer Instinct Te2 Stick (Xbox One) on Ps3, Windows Pc, Xbox 360
  88. Support for Ouya?
  89. PS4 Support
  90. G27/G25 Logitech Wheel Support on Xbone NFS Rivals Workibg with this product???
  91. Dualshock 4 Bluetooth Issues on 360 and PS3
  92. Working with Scorch xbox controller
  93. Xbox One Disconnect
  94. dying for the reduced recoil...
  95. Injustice Arcade Stick With Cronus Max?
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  100. X-Arcade Support (or keyboard only direct-connect support)
  101. new cod ghosts 1.1 question
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  103. Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel
  104. CronusMax burn console usb ports?
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  107. Progress on PS4
  108. ps4 controller on xbox one - switch view to touchpad
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  110. Using DS3 on PC - Bluetooth Dongle
  111. Add support for TX Racing Wheel
  112. Need help for my script
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  114. 360 controller to ps4
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  116. Killer Instinct Help
  117. Newbie help needed... I just can't figure it out (Fixed)
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  119. Do I need a wired controller each time (Xbox one controller on 360)
  120. Bug: WiiU Pro Controller Profile 0 Misbound
  121. Deadzones
  122. Mapping multiple inputs to one function (DS4)
  123. DS4 on PS3 sensitivity/precision issues with the game Uncharted
  124. XB1 on the 360
  125. New customer. Questions about functionality
  126. How would I go about adding compatibility of controllers? I'm fluent in Java and VB
  127. Disabled gamer needs help with the "Access" controller
  128. Access controller compatable with CronusMAX?
  129. PS3 Controller on XBOne, R1/R2/L1/L2/Trigger/Bumpers will not change mapping.
  130. 360 controller to PS4
  131. USB Controller convertors - possible to get these to work?
  132. QuadStick mouth operated joystick for quadriplegics works with the cronusMax
  133. DS4 no rumble wireless mode
  134. Xbox One Controller (Fixed)
  135. MadCatz Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE with PS360+ mod issue
  136. Logitech Guitar Controller (PS3) on Xbox360
  137. Weird problem
  138. FragFX Shark on Ghosts
  139. Can these things be done with Cronus Pro?
  140. Is there a compatible USB switch that can be used with the CronusMax?
  141. PS3 SFIV and MVC3 TE Sticks to XB1 - Do they work?
  142. Auto detect mode coming to XB1?
  143. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller NOT working on XB1
  144. ECCI 6000
  145. cyberbike 2 ps3 version
  146. Authentication problem with Xbox 360 wired controller
  147. 360 Madcatz "Arcade GameStick" Support (on PS3) and Hori FlightStick Series/Saitek
  148. Gamepad via PC
  149. Technical Possibility of 360 Chatpad inputs for PC?
  150. Is it possible to use the Xbox One controller wireless?
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  152. Wii Classic Controller Pro issues
  153. Ps Navigation + Mouse for MMO
  154. DS4 features on XB1
  155. Wii U Support - Wii U Pro Controller on Xbox One
  156. Razer Atrox on PS3
  157. madcatz xbox live arcade stick + mc cthulu +rj45 not working
  158. Xbox 360 controller boards (cheap in UK)
  159. Possible to use x360 remote on Xbox one?
  160. Logitech F310 PC Gamepad
  161. SUPPORT for XBONE Controller on PS4
  162. CronusMax PS4 controller on PS3 - Problems ?
  163. xbox 360 controller on ps3 problem
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  165. CronusMax never shuts off even when console is off.
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  168. Xbox one controller on Wii U?
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  170. Want to swap D-Pad and left stick
  171. Output Protocol PS4 d-pad problem
  172. CronusMAX Hitbox Compatibility
  173. xbox one controller on pc?
  174. PS3 controller not being picked up on Xbox 360??? ;,(
  175. XBOX 1 controller on PC as XBOX 360 controller (steam purposes)
  176. SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick for single handed controls on Xbox One
  177. Error Codes
  178. Upgrade the CM Device?
  179. Real arcade pro 3 not working.
  180. Cronusmax E flashing with 2 dots prolem
  181. Sending controller max my fight stick
  182. ps4 controller with xbox 360 and chat
  183. [TUTORIAL] Xbox One Controller for any game on PC that supports Xbox 360 Controller
  184. can you do xbox one to xbox one just for the modds?
  185. Microsoft Xbox 360 controller E message
  186. Xbox 360 controller on Xbox One BF4 Sniping
  187. Trendnet TBW-106UB Bluetooth- how did you guys connect this to your PS4
  188. X-Arcade to XB1?
  189. Would the madcatz FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for xbox one work on pc,360?
  190. ps4 controller as a 360 plus a mouse possible?
  191. Can someone do me a favor if you have a Playstation Navigation Controller?
  192. X-AIM & PS4 Console Support - Everything You Need To Know !
  193. Sabretooth Razer on XB1
  194. Do you have a PS4 console? test this please......
  195. Xbox 360 controller (wired) to PS3 Issue!!!
  196. PS4 Controller No Longer Working on PC After Firmware 1.55 Upgrade
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  198. E flash when plugging in 360 controller on authentication
  199. Issue with PS4 firmware
  200. Xbox One Controller PC Issue
  201. XBOX ONE Chat
  202. XBOX ONE Wiimote & Sensor Bar on Xbox One
  203. XBOX ONE Xbox one to ps3
  204. PS4 DS3 on PS4??
  205. Any Gamepad on PS4 (theory)
  206. PS4/Xbox one controller wireless on PS3
  207. DS3 with PS4..??!?
  208. So i got DS3 working on PS4:kinda....
  209. New cronusmax user.
  210. Cheapest Xbox 360 controller for authentication
  211. New firmware problem
  212. PS3 controller on PC help (Solved)
  213. PS4 PS4 DS won't work on my PC for PC games.
  214. HRAPV3-SA usable, but not a standard HRAP3?
  215. iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter on Ps4
  216. PS4 Authenticate issue
  217. Hid Compliant device not working
  218. Xbox 360 controller on PS4 update?
  219. xbox 1 wireless controller on an xbox 360 console?
  220. PS4 Chat
  221. CronusMAX Output on PC / Using gamepacks on PC
  222. X1 Controller on 360 (Won't work!)
  223. [PS4] CM receiving "Authenticate" with PS4
  224. is xbox one controllers work on xbox 360 with the cronus device?
  225. XBOX ONE XBOX One doesn't recognize CronusMAX (XBOX 360 does)
  226. DS4 + WIRED HEADSET + CM = any new news!!?
  227. New firmware update
  228. XB1 Bluetooth audio through CM using Dongle & DS3/4?
  229. XBOX ONE Homebrew Xbox One Drivers for Windows
  230. CronusMAX with oldies DC & NGC
  231. Can you use a 360 headset on xbox one with the Cronus Max?
  232. CronusMax oculus rift profile?
  233. Ps4 controller question
  234. jitter starting work. but how do i copy the same combo
  235. Looking for advice before buying...
  236. PlayStation Move remapped to PS3 controller?
  237. Can't get cronusmax to recognize Quasicom
  238. XBOX ONE Just ordered a Cronus Max, have a question...
  239. splitfish compatibility question
  240. help me please
  241. [Mod Virgin] Please help before I buy ....
  242. Does the Xbox 360 wireless adaptor work with the Xbox One controller.
  243. DS4 wireless with PS3 + CM + BT dongle (and also with XBox 360)
  244. Xbox ONE controller on Xbox 360. Need help
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  246. question/idea about ps4 console
  247. Xbox ONE to XBOX360 NEED HELP
  248. XBOX ONE Trying to get my Xbox One Controller to work on PC
  249. WiiU
  250. A USB Splitter for crontroller max?