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  2. Secondary Deadzone/Sensitivity
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  17. What do I order?
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  20. Please Help!
  21. mouse settings
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  23. Using a controller while using a K+M
  24. K&M with CM
  25. CM, editing Rapid fire etc.
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  31. how to use mouse and keyboard???
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  34. Keys Not Working (fixed)
  35. Great Killstreak using mouse and keyboard - VIDEO !
  36. Ps3 NAV and Mouse
  37. Hub usb buy.
  38. How To Find The Mouse DeadZone
  39. How to find the DeadZone for a game
  40. Assign function to multiple keys?
  41. Stramge issued with mouse control
  42. Mouse and keyboard sensitivity in GHOST
  43. Question??
  45. How do you program the mouse and keyboard for battlefield 4?
  46. Super Score thanks to Cronusmax Keyboard and mouse.
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  48. Wired or wireless
  49. Question
  50. Help
  51. Xbox 1 Issue
  52. Help with my Settings with K&M
  53. keyboard and mouse in xbox360
  54. 1 click aim
  55. Slightly Confused
  56. (xbox 360) does anyone use kb + Mouse for Halo 4
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  61. Is M&KB-Gaming legal?
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  63. Logitech G13
  64. Moving to the Side when Jumping/Have to Hold Key to Reload Gets Canceled
  65. How i can Connect my Wirless Keyboard + Mouse . HELP !!!
  66. Mouse Settings Explained and Helpful Scripts
  67. Compatible mice
  68. Bullseye Software
  69. new customer here - being prepared
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  82. ADS sensitivity
  83. Action performed when pressing Q button on keyboard
  84. Y axe (vertical axe) problem - Xbox One - M&K
  85. Eagerly awaiting Jim007's TitanFall 'Mouse Settings'
  86. Abbreviations...
  87. Precision
  88. Does TITANFALL work fine with M&K on Xbox One ?
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  91. Just purchased ControllerMax - Should I cancel?
  92. Titanfall Help
  93. my ammended BF4 and Titanfall kb&m settings
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  96. Headset without controler Trtion pro ?
  97. Less Acceleration-More Movement
  98. M&KB Layout Switching
  99. FragFx Shark PC support
  100. Questions about how the ControllerMax works, and it's availability.
  101. Will this product work on the Xbox 360 for BF4 multiplayer?
  102. BF4 mouse settings?
  103. Killzone ShadowFall PS4 M/KB
  104. Killzone ShadowFall mouse settings?
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  117. something changed.
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  119. COD Ghosts PS4
  120. XBOX 360 first activation xbox 360 with a controller
  121. Do we have a detailed writeup for connecting the KB&M-PS4?
  122. mod on xbox 360
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  125. Switching form controller to mouse and keyboard.
  126. XBOX ONE ADS Drift only with Script on.
  127. BF4 Aim Assist Using Keyboard and Mouse.
  128. FFXIV Settings?
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  130. Recommend me a good/best gaming mouse
  131. Wireless kb+m.
  132. Cannot enter capture mode!!!!
  133. Game packs, scrips & macros whist using m&kb,
  134. PS4 M&K not working on PS4. HELP!!
  135. [Xbox 360] Not quite sure how to setup Mouse and Keyboard profiles?
  136. no sound from headset while using the cronusMAX
  137. Leds on DS4 when playing M & Kb?
  138. Generic Anti-Recoil Script problems
  139. Is it not possible to use...
  140. PS4 COD M and KB
  141. weird acceleration on mouse
  142. PS4 Questions and Help M & KB - PS4/BF4
  143. PS4 How doesit work ... ?
  144. Some help
  145. Help me setup my Mouse for BF4 PS4 please!
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  150. CronusMax games support with K&M
  151. Please help settings dor my mouse for bf4
  152. Swap control mapped on maxaim Ingame for inf/plane control
  153. Little help with mw3 xbox 360
  154. M&kb on 360
  155. What are the benefits of using KB/M vs Controller? New to CronusMax :)
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  159. A new customer
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  163. PS4 and CM
  164. Cronusmax NOT bannable - confirmed by Xbox Live support :)
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  172. Please help me for PS4 Mouse&Keyboard Config
  173. How do I get this working?!
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  176. Mouse Acceleration Fix <---IMPORTANT!
  177. XBOX 360 Mouse drifts + doesn't move well when aiming down sight.
  178. Some nice killstreaks with Destiny Beta using my CronusMax Settings
  179. Destroying in Ghosts using KB&M
  180. Is there input lag/latency at Cronusmax?
  181. Helpful video! (Mouse and Keyboard to Console)
  182. Destiny Super charge combo "HELP"
  183. Compatibility List
  184. [PS4] Logitect g5 Mouse 2000DPI - need help with settings for BF4
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  187. need help with titanfall settings
  188. XBOX ONE When ADS sensitivity slow
  189. Mouse Settings Clarification (dead zone)
  190. [XBOX ONE] Destiny Beta Settings & scripts
  191. CronusMAX PS4 - No AU
  192. it is impossible to get to work with the keyboard on cronusmax ps4
  193. PS4 How many ChronuMax do i need ?
  194. PS4 CronusMax edit gamepack with scripts?
  196. PS4 Mouse and Keyboard hard to get working!
  197. More than 1 script at the same time?
  199. The Last of us
  200. mouse accel ps4 problem
  201. PS4 emulate DS4 accelerometer to lean left and right
  202. how to invert the mouse acceleration?
  203. how to invert the mouse acceleration?
  204. Xbox One - Titanfall key/mouse
  205. Adjusting Settings for Mouse on XB1 Titanfall
  206. XBOX ONE Authentication Problem XB1 + Mouse & KB
  207. Playstation Now with Keyboard and Mouse. Needs touch pad.
  208. in game sensitivity
  209. PS4 Maxaim and scripts binding issue
  210. hi. KBM with rapidfire \ gamepacks?
  211. PS4 cant hear any sound!
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  219. MaxAim + Controller Pass Through
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  222. Please I need to learn how to configure keyboard and mouse work on ps4
  223. PS4 i dont know how to find my dead zone and do the circle test
  224. Max Aim: Removing Layouts
  225. PS4 [Resolved]CronusMax E2 issue with PS4
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  228. Help me please ^^
  229. Script Usage
  230. it seems another company has developed a perfect mouse precision method.
  231. Problem saving mouse settings
  232. PS4 A little question on using the keyboard and mouse
  233. Problem with keyboard-mouse.
  234. PS4 any guys working on a setting for Plants vs zombies (PVZ)
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  236. MOAB w/CronusMax Keyboard & Mouse XBOX 360
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  242. PS4 REQUEST: Blacklight (Free FPS game from PSN)
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  244. I need help
  245. Mouse Aiming Ground Everytime
  246. Cannot get to work.
  247. PS4 Mic / Turttle Beach Px4
  248. PS4 new to CM
  249. XBOX 360 Keyboard Control Binding / Programming
  250. is there a way to use the headset in combination with a m+kb and one XO controller?