Rainbow Six: Siege is shaping up to be a multiplayer thrill-fest, an online excitement-circus, a co-op-carniv - OK, enough of that nonsense. But what if you don't like it when people spill multiplayer all over your tactical wall-bursting? What if, as with Ryan, all your Xbox Live friends are rubbish? Be of good cheer, it appears that there's a single player mode too. The mode is, however, loosely structured rather than a tight narrative. According to Ubisoft Montreal's creative vice-president Lionel Raynaud, "the way you play the missions is open, you choose the order. It's dynamic, meaning we will bring new content as players play the mission." That reflects a general interest in creating spontaneous events that feel as crafted and hard-hitting as traditional scripted encounters "We were tired of single-player, scripted military missions where things appear triggered by player presence," Raynaud told IGN. "We want to refresh that. We want the same level of intensity and surprise scripted scenes used to have, but within a multiplayer game."

You may wish to revisit the spectacular re-reveal trailer. Siege replaces Rainbow Six: Patriots, unveiled in 2011 to relatively muted interest. Ubisoft called time on the latter in order to focus on getting the most out of the new consoles.

A Rainbow Six: Siege Xbox One beta appears to be on the way.

Source: www.Rheena.com