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Topic: Setup Video: FragFX Shark setup on XBox One (with optimal mouse settings & VIDEO)

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    Setup Video: FragFX Shark setup on XBox One (with optimal mouse settings & VIDEO)

    Hey everyone I know this is my first post but I thought I'd make it a helpful one. I play with a FragFX Shark for PS3, but use the CrounsMAX to play games on my XBOX One. After a lot of tinkering I got the settings just right and am absolutely over the moon about the CronusMAX and what it does. As a thank you I thought I'd make a setup video to help anyone in a similar situation. I noticed there were a few articles on setting up the Frag FX and of course lots of info on setting up the mouse/keyboard, but nothing that I could find that really showed everything, so I made a how to video.


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