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Topic: Sony Launching Noise Canceling PS4 In Ear Headset Next Month

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    Sony Launching Noise Canceling PS4 In Ear Headset Next Month

    Sony will be launching a new, noise cancelling in ear headset for the PlayStation 4 next month, in Europe at least. The headset, which you can see pictured below, is wired, lasts for about 15 hours on a single charge (assuming noise reduction is turned on), has a built-in microphone, a mute switch and dedicated volume buttons, which can all be used to make and take calls if you plug it into your smartphone. Oh yeah, that’s right, it plugs into your smartphone too.

    Unfortunately, it is so far only confirmed for a European launch, with no word yet on a North American release. Even more unfortunately, it looks like the European launch itself will see a pretty hefty fee being charged for all this- Sony has set a pretty high price for its new headset at £78/€90, which translates to around $120 (although it is likely to be a 1:1 currency conversion to $90 if it ever launches in the US).

    The headset will be launching in all PAL territories – Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand – next month.

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