Probably one of the most awaited and anticipated games that Square Enix is currently working on is Final Fantasy 15, the first new mainline entry in the JRPG franchise in a good while. However, the one game that has possibly even more excitement surrounding it than that is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake– the original Final Fantasy 7 is a widely revered classic game, loved by fans worldwide, one which tells a moving story, and which fans have been demanding a remake of for years now. This remake, in other words, is everything that the reviled Final Fantasy 13 trilogy is not.

So associating the remake with the trilogy is not something Square should generally do- but in a recent interview, they did just that. Thankfully, it was not in the way you would think. In an interview with Game Informer, Kitase, Nomura, and Nojima expressed a longing for the game to have a shorter development cycle than Final Fantasy 15, and for the remakes to follow a structure similar to the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy- three full games to tell the entire story. Essentially, it sounds like Square will be launching three full games to explore a more fleshed out version of the original game’s story.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently announced as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4.