The weekly reset has come and gone for Bungie’s Destiny and there’s finally something new to brag about (aside from last week). The Nightfall this week is The Sunless Cell with the modifiers Match Game (the correct element damage must be applied to enemy shields), Fresh Troops (enemy has reinforcements), Catapult (grenades recharge much quicker) and Exposure (increased shields but decreased recharge rate).

Challenge of the Elders brings two new bosses this week. Along with Sylok the Defiled in the first round, Val Aru’un is in the second round and Seditious Mind in the third round. Modifiers this week include Berserk (enemies don’t flinch) and Catapult. The latter is especially useful since the score modifier is for grenade kills. If you’re a Voidwalker with Nothing Manacles and the Shatter perk then this is your lucky day.

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