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Topic: 2 mouse in x-aim

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    2 mouse in x-aim

    Hello everybody

    I would like to know if it's possible to use 2 mouse in x-aim ? I want to use 1 mouse for every thumbstick especially in fps. Ideally I would like to aim with a system of eye tracking.

    If somebody has a solution, I am willing to know which one.

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: 2 mouse in x-aim

    Sadly, there is no way we can tell which of your 2 mices do what exactly, all mouse movement is combined to a single one, you could use 2 computers to get it working tho (with 2 CronusMAX's)

    The setup would be like this:

    Computer 1 - Tracks either the eye or mouse (your choice) - Connects to CM 1 by the PC Prog port running X-Aim - This CM should be connected to a USB port on the other computer and be setup for PC usage
    Computer 2 - Tracks whatever the other one doesn't - Connects to CM 2 by the PC Prog port running X-Aim - This CM should be connected to your console and will be handling the outputs to the console, this is where you run any scripts you wish to use and have your primary settings (the mouse settings have to be setup on the other computer aswell along with mapping to the stick you wish to use, besides that there's nothing more required on the other computer)

    If you want more assistance in how to get this working, let me know and i'll try to help you as best as i can

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    Re: 2 mouse in x-aim

    Thank you for this answer.

    Have you already tried this setup ?

    Other than i thought of using a software to have 1 arrow for every mouse.

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    Re: 2 mouse in x-aim

    Nope, i haven't tried the setup personally, but... i know it'll work as you can use a CM connected to the PC using XInput (Xbox 360 output) in Cronus PRO (that i have tested)

    Since you'll be using 2 computers in the setup i mentioned, they won't interfere with eachother (the mouse and the eye tracking)

    There is no way to map pointer 1 and pointer 2 separately in X-Aim, i don't think there is even a way to actually track them separately in DirectInput, feel free to prove me wrong tho

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    Re: 2 mouse in x-aim

    Hello everyone

    Thank Swizzy for this information.

    I had abandoned momentarely this project but I have not forgotten it.

    I need more details from you Swizzy.

    I would like to know what to set for computer 1 and also what is the PC usage setting.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: 2 mouse in x-aim

    The method i described involves using 2 Cronus MAX devices and 2 PC's, you use one PC for the eye tracking software and run X-Aim there, which you connect to the other PC with the output protocol set to Xbox 360 (or directly to the second CronusMAX with the output set to PS3, with this particular method you need to disable the option to ignore the CM controller on the second PC), the second PC you then use for your regular mouse with the CM from this connected to the console...

    Here's some very crude illustrations of what i mean:

    Attachment 3363

    Each box represent a device of some sort (PC, CM, Console), the text inside explains what device it is, each connection is shown with a green text explaining what port it is you connect

    The blue line on the left is the recommended method of connection while the red is an alternative

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