By all appearances, it seems we are rapidly approaching the official reveal of the Nintendo NX, which is rumored to be some time in October. Why else would, for instance, retailers be beginning to put up pre-order pages for the system on their website now?

And that is what has happened- leading UK retailer Tesco have put up a pre-order page for the Nintendo NX, and they originally had a price of £349.99 listed for the machine, something that seems to have since been edited out (via Nintendo Life). The implication is that an NX reveal may be coming soon- and it could’t get here soon enough.

Of course, the worrying thing here would be the price, which, if true, is substantially expensive, and far more so than the PS4 or the Xbox One- it’s expensive enough that if it holds true, then the system may find itself hampered in the market. UK retailers earlier this year indicated that they think a price point of £200 may be best for Nintendo– this would be far beyond that.

Hopefully the final system is cheaper on reveal. And hopefully that reveal is coming soon, now.