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Topic: [PS4]Battleflied 1 Script

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    [PS4]Battleflied 1 Script

    Good evening, I would need a script to battlefield 1 that allows me to only use the R2 button is to shoot that aims to use. I wish the same moment that I shot (R2) was activated L2. I find in sniper mode it's how I wish it were always with any weapon.
    Sorry for my bad english

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    Re: [PS4]Battleflied 1 Script

    main {
        if(get_val(PS4_R2)) {
            set_val(PS4_R2, 100);
            set_val(PS4_L2, 100);

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    Re: [PS4]Battleflied 1 Script

    OMG!!! Thank you very very very much m8!!!! Apreciate!

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