Capcom has announced it will be releasing a new Capcom vs Marvel game, titled Infinite in late 2017. Along with the announcement that the game is coming, the company appears to have put an end to rumors that it was going to be available on the PS4 exclusively.

Capcom vs Marvel: Infinite is going to be launching on all three platforms at the same time sometime in late 2017. The company issued the following statement about the game.

“For the last two decades, Marvel vs. Capcom has been one of the most celebrated franchises among fans,” Mike Jones, Executive Producer, for Marvel Entertainment said in the statement. “To deliver on that legacy, we’ve worked closely with Capcom to create a game that honors the heritage of the series and combines Marvel’s unique brand of storytelling with Capcom’s world-class gameplay. We’re raising the bar with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and are excited for players to get their hands on it next year.”