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Topic: Newbie setup Elite for Ps4

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    Newbie setup Elite for Ps4

    Good Afternoon Support ,

    I downloaded cronus pro Beta 8 today below you have my current set-up/settings

    1) Cronusmax plus v1.23
    2) v 1.23
    3) Xbox Elite Controller (programmed 2 profiles saved from XB1 consoles, will be utilizing all 4 paddles for gameplay)
    4) Standard Ps4
    5) Wired
    6) Hub (got an amazon hub from you guys, originally purchased $100+ package w/ accessories 8 months to one year ago)
    7) I tried to attach 2 print screens on a word file showing my device settings (auto) & cmaxplus settings. Said invalid files, these are set based on your instructions per video.

    Questions: 1)Should I download Ps4 Crossover Essentials or Ps4 Crossover Essentials (Aug 2016) -Xbox One Elite Edition (Oct 2016), I would like your recommendation based on great performance. I understand some users have experienced issues.

    2) The amazon hub you sent has no number configuration. One port is standalone one side and on the opposite side you have 3 ports. Please let me know which port to connect wired Xbox Elite Controller to and which to use for wired Ps4 controller.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Newbie setup Elite for Ps4

    You have received no reply to this, and I'm having issues setting up mine to my ps4. Have you gotten anywhere with it?

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    Re: Newbie setup Elite for Ps4

    Hey, I have a problem and Im all new to this. I got the Xbox one elite controller with my PS4Pro and it works perfectly. I had the USB hub at first but now for some reason I don't need it. The controller is verified I guess and it doesnt get disconnected after ten minutes. I got the elite controller plugged right in to the Cronusmax and the LED is blue and says 0. However I tried to get the Essentials game pack to work and I got it on to the cronusmax but when I Hold VIEW+MENU together for 2 seconds to enter menu mode nothing happens except I take a screenshot. What am I doing wrong? Cheers/Max


    So I chose slot 4 which is where I installed the gamer pack but it still doesnt open. The LED flashes and the right elite trigger vibrates but the menu does not open. What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Newbie setup Elite for Ps4

    Im seriously retarded and need help. So I tried navigating but I end up not being able to move the analog sticks and constantly aiming down no matter what mod or class I use. Im confused

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