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Topic: NASCAR Heat Evolution Compatibility?

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    Babyfaced Assassin

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    NASCAR Heat Evolution Compatibility?

    Before I purchase the CronusMax, I am wondering if this unit is compatible with the NASCAR Heat Evolution game for PS4? Has anyone had experience with using this device to get a Fanatec wheel working on the PS4 with this title? I have a Fanatec Clubsport V2 and Pedals that I wish to use, but just learned about the issues that now exist between the PS4 and Fanatec. I've just been running Project Cars for so long I had no idea there were issues.

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    Big Daddy

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    Re: NASCAR Heat Evolution Compatibility?

    If the game supports a G29, then it shouldn't be a problem as that's what we emulate.

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    Babyfaced Assassin

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    Re: NASCAR Heat Evolution Compatibility?

    Ok. I went ahead with the purchase and will update with my results. Unit should arrive on Saturday.

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