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Topic: Logitech G25 problem with CronuxMax

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    Logitech G25 problem with CronuxMax

    Good afternoon,

    Before christmas I bought CronuxMax plus for my Logitech G25 and to use it for the PS4 with F1 2016 game. The problem that I have is, when I'm driving over the track after 5 or 7 minutes, CronusMax automatically disconects my G25.

    I have read the manual and also here watching the post to see what is the problem but I didn't found it. I use this port USB to connect the PS4 controller and the Logitech G25 to the input of CronusMax. (Port USB)

    Sorry for my bad English, I am improving it.

    Best regards

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    I Am Error

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    Re: Logitech G25 problem with CronuxMax

    Did you connect a DS4 to port 4 of the hub (the one next to the built in usb cable)? The DS4 must not be on. Manual covers all that.

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