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Topic: Cronus PRO 1.20 Beta 10

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    Cronus PRO 1.20 Beta 10

    We'll be releasing this today... here are the changes since 1.20 Beta 9:
    • Fixed some issues with arrays (they should now be working correctly everywhere)
    • Added support for 2 new types of loops: "for" and "do while", they're defined like follows:
    • Added a bunch of keywords you can no longer use in your scripts; "const", "byte", "char", "sizeof", "do" and "for", the first 4 are used in constructs i'm not ready to document/explain just yet, just don't use these words as-is and you should be good (they can be used within variable names etc, just not as a specific name)
    • Fixed a bunch of issues with the bit operation functions, they weren't being handled correctly, they are now
    • Corrected the precedence rules, they're as follows: (the higher the operator, the higher it's value is treated in the compiler)
      • variables, constants, function calls and anything within ( )'s (this is how you clarify what you want to the compiler, if you don't these rules apply)
      • !, ++, --
      • *, /, %
      • +, -
      • <, <=, >, >=
      • ==, !=
      • &&
      • ^^
      • ||
      • =, +=, -=, *=, %=, /=

    • Fixed an issue where CronusPRO would open the same script in multiple tabs rather then updating the existing tab, it now reloads the script upon being told to load a script that is already loaded as described here:
    • Fixed a crash when loading a X-Aim profile that had unsupported opcodes in the script, it'll now effectively unload said script instead of crashing as mentioned in this thread:
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to save a file that could potentially be open in another application (such as dropbox) it should no longer fail to save as it used to, unless the other application have a exclusive handle open, this issue is mentioned here:

    For a full list of changes since 1.12 check out the release thread for

    1.20 Beta 6:
    1.20 Beta 7:
    1.20 Beta 8:
    1.20 Beta 9:

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