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    Hey Community, today I would like you to test my new Gamepack for Battlefield 1. I would like you all to test it and report me any bugs and tell me what you like and don't like. What dont worked well and what worked well, to improve and fix things.

    If you have any ideas for any features, let me know.


    The Features stayed the same, some new features added like:

    - Primary Rapidfire only
    - Secondary Rapidfire only
    - Aim Assist
    - Recoil Control [Bipod Mode]

    Primary Rapidfire only*:
    Rapid Fire is only active while having primary gun eqquiped.

    Secondary Rapidfire only*:
    Rapid Fire is only active while having secondary gun eqquiped.
    *Reset weapon state while pressing 'LT/L2 + DPAD Down'

    Aim Assist:
    Exploites the new Aim Assist Patch to allow 'always on'
    aim assist while staying
    in the Aim Assist range of the game!

    Bipod Mode:
    While deploying Bipod the Recoil will be nearly zero. While using a LMG with Recoil Control the recoil will be
    compensated while having the Bipod not deployed. But if you deploy the Bipod the crosshair will pull down because we have already zero recoil. It only deactives when we lay down on the ground to deploy the Bipod and automatically turns on Recoil Control when we stand up.


    Shotgun GamePack Variant:

    Snap Aim Assist:
    Only works with Shotguns, aim slighty on the enemy and hold the Fire Button the Mod will do the rest.

    Rapid Fire:
    Only works while aiming (ADS) to counter any interfere with the "Snap Aim Assist Mod".

    Know bugs:
    - none

    added Features:
    - Bumper/Trigger swap for all Layouts
    - Togglebutton for 'Auto Spot Always On' - it is Off by default, enable by pressing 'Spot' button.
    - Horizontal Recoil Control System
    - Burst Fire
    - Combat Slide
    - Quick Scope alternative activators
    - Snap Aim Assist

    Important Note: if reporting a bug, be as detailed as possible – include all of your settings, including console version, controller version , in game settings, gamepack settings, exactley what causes the bug so we can duplicate. Simply posting “this doesn’t work” is no help to anyone .
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