Like I said in some other posts, I've just received my elite CSL bundle from fanatec.
Composed of the wheelbase + P1 steering.
And also the pedals with loadcell mod.

I mostly play assetto corsa with my old G25 bundle and had lots of fun thanks to cronusmax.

But I wanted more, especially for pedals and shifter.
Im not fan of thrusmaster products so my choice was made. I ordered but without paying attention the wheel wasn't on the list.

So, I've mounted it on my jcl play seat. Turn it on, launching the game with wheels buttons, and then l I got the surprise that the Ffb won't work and all pedals won't go properly.
At zero and wide open, no problem but between that it does what it's want.
The steering seems to be ok, since I never tested a last gen wheel base...

ive also seen that passed a certain degree of rotation, it has let it go, and lost all commands.

Here re is my feedback for that, if it can help for improvement.