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Topic: Help with Horizon: Zero Dawn script

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    Help with Horizon: Zero Dawn script

    Hi all,
    I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my script won't compile:

    The default button configuration for Horizon Zero Dawn uses L2 to aim and R2 to shoot. Also, by pressing and\or holding both R1 and R2 while aiming, you can shoot multiple arrows at once.
    In this script I've swapped them, so use L1 to aim and R1 to shoot. However, I'm physically incapable of pressing R1+R2 at the same time as L1 for the double shot.

    Therefore, I'd like to make it so that if I DOUBLE CLICK L3, the script shifts to "multiple shots mode", and from that point onwards, every time I press (and\or hold) L1+R1 to aim and shoot, R2 is also activated - until I turn off this feature of the script, by DOUBLE CLICKING L3 once more.

    Could anyone please do this for me?

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