hi i check uncharted 4 game pack in that we dont have antirecoil script and if i use other game pack script for uncharted then i miss 3 main feature of uncharted script like auto mark turbo jump turbo role

can some one plz make script for me currently i m using bf1 game pack its antirecoil script is very good

if any body can help and use bf1 game pack recoil system will be good

whats all i want in script is

1. adjust able primary weapon & secondary weapong rapid fire. i use primary auto rifle and secondary semi auto so mosty i need secondary weapon rapid fire.

some time i use primary weapan also semi auto type si if will be good if i can on / off rapid fire of primary only or when i want active it i can active on the fly no need to attach crnous with pc . same if i can deactivate secondary weapon rapid fire will be good. ( perfer button to active rapid fire ON L3 + + TRIANGLE and to save value L3 plus O value adjust by D pad

kindly dont make L2 to on/off rapid fire sumtime both button press same time and its deactivate. L3 is less use in game so no way i will press L3 with these button together

2. anti recoil adjustable on the fly i scoop in with L2 and shoot with R2 (R3 with triagnle & circle)

3. i want turbo jump for quick climb up the wall X button

3. i need turbo roll O cirecle button ( what i want is i hold down X & O button it do first press X and then O this script is already on uncharted game pack and helpfull

4. i want the when i press L2 it turbo X button so i can mark enemy ( auto mark ) i use X button for marking in game

thanks in advance if any one helping