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Topic: Driving Force GT remap circle button to gear stick

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    Driving Force GT remap circle button to gear stick

    Hi, is it possible to remap circle button to gear stick on Driving Force GT in PS4 Wheel Edition operational mode?
    I want to use circle button on DFGT_RPADDLE and DFGT_LPADDLE, but in Cronus Pro device monitor these two inputs is used on gear stick as well as on steering wheel gear shifting paddles.
    Can it be separated and mapped differently and be used as a different inputs?
    In Project Cars (PC) game sees them as a different inputs, steering wheel shifting paddles JOY BUTTON 4 and JOY BUTTON 5, gear stick JOY BUTTON 12 and JOY BUTTON 13.
    Any help will be strongly appreciated.
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    Re: Driving Force GT remap circle button to gear stick

    Those can't be mapped with a script unfortunatley.

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