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Topic: Logitech G29 Layout problems ?

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    Logitech G29 Layout problems ?


    I am dutch, I do not play this game, my brother does. We're trying to figure out how to get the G29 wheel working on his new xbox one. Setting up the xbox one controller has worked fine.

    The basic buttons such as - triangle - - square - - circle - - cross - - up, right, down, left - work fine. We can't get the wheel itself to work (steering wise). And neither do the pedals work. We tried searching for the names of the buttons to put them in manually, but aside from the basic buttons we can't get them to work.


    Xbox one -> Logitech G29 wheel -> can't steer or use the pedals.

    Sorry if this is unclear, English is not my first language and to be honest, I'm only good with what Google teaches me, and in this case it's not a lot ..

    Greets from the Netherlands

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    Re: Logitech G29 Layout problems ?

    Xbox One use requires a custom script for X-AIM if you want to use Logitech wheels. This is all explained in the manual.

    This forum is for the PS4 Wheel Edition - it doesn't support Xbox One.

    You want this forum

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