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Topic: FarCry: Primal GamePack

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    Exclamation FarCry: Primal GamePack

    Hey Community, today I would like you to test my new GamePack for FarCry: Primal I would like you all to test it and report me any bugs and tell me what you like and don't like. What dont worked well and what worked well, to improve and fix things.

    If you have any ideas for any features, let me know.


    - Stick Layout:
    - Default
    - Default [Swapped]

    - Button Layout:
    - Default
    - Default [Swapped]
    - Lefty
    - Lefty [Swapped]

    Sticky "Aim"

    - Bow/Spear Fine Aim

    - Bow/Spear Fine Aim Sensitivity:
    - Fine
    - Finer
    - Finest

    - Hunter Mode Easy Toggle

    - Attack Modes Toggle
    - Heavy Attack
    - Light Attack
    - [OFF] Toggle

    - Autosprint:
    - Always On
    - Press Sensitive

    - Hair Trigger

    Bow/Spear Fine Aim:

    [OFF] by default, activate with [ADS + RS/R3].
    Your Aim Sensitivity will be slowed down untill you turn the Mod off,
    this will help to aim finer on longer ranges while having the advantage of a higher sensivity
    on other gaming situations.

    Bow/Spear Fine Aim Sensitivity:

    You can choose how fine the aiming should get.

    Attack Modes Toggle:

    By pressing (L2/LT + DPAD Right)
    You will activate the "Heavy Attack Mode", while holding down the "Attack Button".
    Your player will perform a fully charged heavy Attacks in a loop.

    By pressing (L2/LT + DPAD Left)
    You will activate the "Light Attack Mode", while holding down the "Attack Button".
    Your player will perform a fast Light Attacks in a loop.

    By pressing (L2/LT + DPAD Down)
    You will deactivate the WAttack Modes".

    Hunter Mode Toggle:

    Toggle the Hunter Mode with (R3/RS) without needing it to hold it.
    This will make activating "Hunter Mode" easier than holding down the Button to activate
    or deactivate. Simply by pressing the Togglekey you can explore the Gameworld without holding down the button,
    now you can fully focus on the game or other things like aiming.

    Sticky "Aim":

    This will make your Crosshair stick on enemy like glue and "wont" go off the Enemy untill he is dead.
    It will follow Enemys and Animals, it even follows running Animals without loosing it out of your Crosshair!

    Preview of the Sticky "Aimbot" Mod:


    Know bugs:
    - none

    Important Note: if reporting a bug, be as detailed as possible – include all of your settings, including console version, controller version , in game settings, gamepack settings, exactley what causes the bug so we can duplicate. Simply posting “this doesn’t work” is no help to anyone .

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    Re: FarCry: Primal GamePack

    Hi I recently bought cronus max and I tried this farcry primal gamepack on my xbox one and sticky aim bot is not working can you please check it and update with clear instructions how to use it.

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