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Topic: Wolfenstein: The New Order GamePack

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    Exclamation Wolfenstein: The New Order GamePack

    Hey Community, today I would like you to test my new GamePack for Wolfenstein: The New Order I would like you all to test it and report me any bugs and tell me what you like and don't like. What dont worked well and what worked well, to improve and fix things.

    If you have any ideas for any features, let me know.


    - In Game Layout:
    - Default
    - Southpaw
    - Alternate
    - Alternate Southpaw
    - Default [Swapped]
    - Southpaw [Swapped]
    - Alternate [Swapped]
    - Alternate Southpaw [Swapped]

    Auto Aim

    - Akimbo Mode

    - Cover Mimic Mode

    - Turbo Melee

    Perfect (No Recoil / No Spread) and Rapid Fire

    - Hair Trigger

    - Auto Sprint:
    - Always On
    - Press Sensitive

    - Crouch Shot Mode

    - Recoil Control Mode (Adjustable):
    - Recoil Control Mode Adjustable Parameter

    - Rapid Fire (Adjustable):

    - Rapid Fire Adjustable Parameter

    Perfect (No Recoil / No Spread) and Rapid Fire:
    You have 100% No Recoil and No Spread + Rapid Fire.

    Auto Aim:
    The Crosshair will "stick" like glue on the Enemy and once he is dead, the Crosshair will
    "automatically" switch to the nearest Enemy.

    Akimbo Mode:
    By pressing (ADS) or (Fire) you will shoot both guns you hold.

    Mimic Cover Mode:
    [OFF] by default, activate with [L2/LT + L1/LB].
    You will be able to control the "Cover Stick" with the "Aim Stick". You can now move in the directino you want to lean easily while aiming with only one stick.


    Know bugs:
    - none

    Important Note: if reporting a bug, be as detailed as possible – include all of your settings, including console version, controller version , in game settings, gamepack settings, exactley what causes the bug so we can duplicate. Simply posting “this doesn’t work” is no help to anyone .
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    Re: Wolfenstein: The New Order GamePack

    Will this work with the new Wolfenstein 2 game that just came out?

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