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Topic: T300 assetto corsa on XB1

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    T300 assetto corsa on XB1

    currently mapping my T300 (PS3/4/PC) wheel to work on assetto corsa XB1.

    i have a problem

    when in game the brake and accel are always recognised as press in (even though my foot is NOT on any pedal). i checked DI settings on my cronus max software and Slider 1 ( accel), Y (brake) and Rz (clutch) show as 200, 100,100 respectively when i do NOT have my foot on any pedal. i guess these figures should be 0 when foot is NOT on any pedal.

    why are they starting off as these figures???

    note that when i go to thrustmaster control panel, everything is fine and as it should, also if i play assetto corsa on PC, again everything is fine.

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    Re: T300 assetto corsa on XB1

    We read the raw DirectInput value, because we don't have "this is the only type of controller we care about" we need to have a somewhat generic method, one that works with all types, and since there is scripting available, you can make use of that to "fix" the problems that happen with our generic method...

    We do however use the values in a normalized range (% of max value, some may use a unsigned range while others use signed (unsigned means all positive, which effectively means the range goes 0 - 2x the "normal" range) which means that the range is effectively -100 - 200 for each analog input (slider, stick etc.)

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