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Topic: Upgrading CronusMax to CronusMax Pro

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    Upgrading CronusMax to CronusMax Pro

    A while back I received a CronusMAX as part of the DeltaSix Kickstarter. I pledged $250 to be one of the first people to get one. Of course that never happened and I got burnt on the deal and ended up having to open a complaint with the BBB just to get the product. As part of it, I also got a CronusMAX. I've never used either of those 2 things since I received them after 2 years of waiting for them. That was back in 2015. Fast forward to today. I have a few Xbox 360 controllers just laying around and I decided I would give it a shot and hook it up to my laptop so I could play some steam games with my controller.

    Now, after much digging I started to realize there was some sort of window of time where they offered a software upgrade from CronusMAX to CronusMAX Plus. Of course I also read that those servers that allowed the upgrade to occur are now offline. Pretty disappointing to say the least. I mean I guess they're not all that expensive but I would imaging someone has to have some local version of that updater to update the device and actually make it usable.

    If anyone has any info about this it would be appreciated. But I'm thinking the first and last Kickstarter I will ever participate in is probably going to end with some paper weights.

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    Re: Upgrading CronusMax to CronusMax Pro

    You have 2 options:

    1. Use the legacy software found here:

    2. send your CM to us and habe it upgraded there, we don't share the offline upgrader because it can't verify that the CM is legitimate and we don't want clones to use our latest firmware...

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