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Topic: Killing Floor 2 settings & script Xbox: 1

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    Killing Floor 2 settings & script Xbox: 1


    I just picked up my CM last Friday and wanted to play a few FPS's with my friends after coming from being an active PC gamer.

    So bare with me if these mouse settings aren't perfect! I believe the game has some sort of smoothing that I can't get around, the movement feels sort of sluggish but this is the best feel I could get.

    Mouse settings:

    For mouse settings I tried to make it feel the same as it did on the PC version, especially with the script provided below.

    I have tested for deadzones and 21 seems to be the spot, wasn't easy since there's no grace period in the game really.

    Attachment 4016Attachment 4017

    Attachment provided below as "Killing Floor M&KB.glf"


    I just glanced at the scripting guides, luckily I have prior experience in coding, but what it does so far is let's you use the 5 EXTRA buttons (as seen in the figure above) to do some quick essential actions that usually take time to do on a controller which will make it feel like you're using the PC edition.

    EXTRA 1: Switch between primary weapons. (Instead of all weapons)
    EXTRA 2: Switch between secondary weapons.
    EXTRA 3: Switch between melee (or quickly grab knife for parrying).
    EXTRA 4: Switch between healer (and welder if enabled in settings).
    EXTRA 5: Quick heal, this will automatically hold the X button for you in order to activate quick heal.

    I hope you like my settings, this is my first upload and script.
    If there's any room for improvement or problems please let me know!

    PS: If you have KF2 on xbox add me: LeeIzaZombie115

    Also I would like the thank everyone involved in the development of CronusMax, the support is great and I'm loving the availability of scripting.
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    Re: Killing Floor 2 settings & script Xbox: 1

    would this work with a controller ?

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    Re: Killing Floor 2 settings & script Xbox: 1

    No, sorry it's for keyboard and mouse

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