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Topic: Uncharted 4 GamePack

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    Exclamation Uncharted 4 GamePack

    GamePacks for Uncharted 4.

    If you have any ideas for any features, let me know.


    - All Layouts (Button Layouts)

    - Trigger/Bumper Swap

    - Rapid Fire:

    - Rapid Fire (Adjustable Parameter)

    - Recoil Control System:
    - Normal
    - Inverted

    - Recoil Control System (Adjustable Parameter)

    - Turbo Roll

    - Turbo Jump/Climb

    - Turbo Pickup

    - Turbo Melee

    - Auto Scope:

    - Auto Spot

    Known bugs:
    - none

    Important Note: if reporting a bug, be as detailed as possible – include all of your settings, including console version, controller version , in game settings, gamepack settings, exactley what causes the bug so we can duplicate. Simply posting “this doesn’t work” is no help to anyone .

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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    The best staff member ^^

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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    I have a pS4 pro, and a Cronusmax plus with version 1.20 software and 1.24 firmware, I use a ds4 standard ps4 controller. I loaded the uncharted 4 gamepack, will you plz guide me, what are the parameters for rapid firing, how do you define the rest time and hold time while setting up the profile. Also differentiate between rapid fire mod and rapid firing mode which I always set as enabled.
    Thanking you in anticipation
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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    Hey can you read the Manual, I think you should understand everything after that (:

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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    Hey x22DOT, I'm new here and I just got the cronus today. I play Uncharted mostly. Do you or someone else has a complete gamepack for it that I could be directed to? Kitty's pack seems complete on the manual but when I use the actual pack not everything that's in the manual is actually there or works as it should(specially key things to the game like sidearm rapidfire). I am currently using your turbo max pro pack on it, and it's the best I've found so far because you can individually customize every button and the rapidfire option fastest is truly the fastest and it works perfectly. My only problem with it is that everything works as an on-off switch, for most buttons it would work best as a hold-release method instead, is there a way to specifically change that? or at least have the option to choose? Because everything else is perfect. Thank you for taking the time to read and if you do reply tks in advance and I appreciate the work you have done here Also, is there a way I can learn what you know so I can make my own scripts and probably help the community as well?

    EDIT: I've found the pack that works like I want.
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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    How did you fix the sidearm issue? My rapid fire does not work either only on sidearm.

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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack


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    Re: Uncharted 4 GamePack

    What is the max anti recoil & rapid fire setting you can have without issues? I have the standard values and it works but other people on U4MP seem to be able to fire faster than me & their gun does not move. (I'm not a noob 4.4KD)

    People also seem to have 0 damage wobble and their gun does not recoil at all, hence why I ask.

    A reply ASAP would be appreciated greatly.

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