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Topic: The DriveHub Request Thread

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    Babyfaced Assassin

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    Re: The DriveHub Request Thread

    Cool. I would like it, but it's not a must have for me. Using the padels are fine for GT Sport IMO. Glad to see ya'll are willing to offer solutions. Love the product BTW. HERe is my review on it if anyone is interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Podger View Post
    we just added a driver for the he-sim pedals.. there appears to be a few versions mind you, so YMMV.. if you are serious about addinf support for the shifter and handbrake, send me a PM.

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    Fastest Thing Alive

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    Re: The DriveHub Request Thread

    Hi, is there possible T-GT support in the near future? Just very curious, for all i know the wheel is not capable of being supported in which case i would be able to make a definitive decision to purchase another expensive wheel for xbox. Obviously thats the less practical route. Be very appreciative of any information as it is available.

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    Re: The DriveHub Request Thread

    It would be nice if we could map the fanatec handbrake to another button for games that don't support it natively.

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