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Topic: Uncontrollable force feedback

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    Uncontrollable force feedback

    G29 + XBOX ONE + FH3: Works fine, only paddle shifting doesn't work
    G29 + XBOX ONE + FM6: Works perfectly

    G29 + XBOX ONE + FM7 Demo: Was trying the Porsche GT2 RS, and somehow as you start turning into a corner, it enters a hard pulsating force feedback mode that gets the car in incontrollable understeer. I'm sure it's not a driver flaw though, as I've been doing sim racing for about 12 years now. Is it just the demo, or does this happen in the full game too?

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    Re: Uncontrollable force feedback

    The demo for Forza 7 is quite bad, the full version is far better. I know exactly what you are talking about the demo seems to use the wrong force to emulate friction or something.... When i felt it first I was immediately concerned, so I tried my g920 directly connected and it did the very same. I can't recall if you can turn down the vibration in the demo, but you definitely can in the full game and I did.

    I'm pretty sure the paddle shifting was working for me last night in FH3.

    I'll try them all again later on just to be sure.

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