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Topic: Driving force GT on Xbox One

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    Driving force GT on Xbox One

    Hi to everyone, my name is Giuseppe ,just today i got the Drive Hub but i have a problem. I connected all the cable exactly as indicated in the manual and also watching the official video on youtube, well, when i turn on the xbox one (or even on consoles already turned on) the force feedback doesn't work and not even respond to steering wheel rotation but all the other buttons and pedals work perfectly. I tried it with Forza 5 and Project Cars,but happens same thing on both,so i don't thing is a game setup problem.Obviously i set it to race mode as the instructions but anything happens. I have no idea what it is, i updated also with the last firmware release and the Driving Force GT is in the list of compatible steering wheels. Can anybody give me some suggestion? Thank you.

    P.S. Sorry for my english, i'm italian

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    Re: Driving force GT on Xbox One

    Is it definitely in race mode (animated figure of 8 pattern on drivehub display), also does your wheel calibrate (from lock to lock) when connected to the DriveHub?

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    Re: Driving force GT on Xbox One

    Do you have the power connected. This behaviour points to no power supply.

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