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Topic: (Solved) Latest F1 2017 patch PS4 issues with G25

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    (Solved) Latest F1 2017 patch PS4 issues with G25

    Product: CronusMAX PLUS
    Wheel: Logitech G25
    Console: PS4
    Game: Codemasters F1 2017

    Seeing if anyone has had this recent issue after the latest F1 2017 patch..

    My friend has a Logitech G25 and purchased the CronusMAX PLUS.
    All the directions were followed to set up his CronusMAX PLUS and it worked great. Matter of fact he was thanking me for directing him to buy the CronusMAX PLUS.. Until..

    Last night he got onto his PS4 and the latest Patch for F1 2017 downloaded and completed its install by Codemasters.
    He hopped on the game and the wheel was working just fine, as usual, until a few laps into a race.
    - The car took an immediate left in game.
    - Wheel wouldn't control the car.
    - Neither pedals worked nor any of the buttons worked.
    - To exit the game he had to turn off the PS4.

    He checked all connections on the wheel, pedals, PS4 (all fine).
    He restarted the PS4, doing so by the typical procedure as shown in CronusMAX PLUS manual.
    He started playing the game again and in a few laps the issue returned. Car took immediate left. Wheel, pedals, buttons, all stopped working.

    Anyone have any suggestions or insight as to what may be causing this recent issue?
    Anyone else experiencing the same problem after the most recent F1 2017 patch while using the CronusMAX PLUS?
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    Re: Latest F1 2017 patch PS4 issues with G25

    UPDATE.. The issue is fixed. It was the power supply for his wheel. Took a while to figure out. I brought my wheel over to his home and it worked fine with his PS4/F1 2017. We replaced the wheel's power adapter and it's run perfect since.

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