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Topic: Logitech Brake Pedal Calibration

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    Logitech Brake Pedal Calibration

    So, I'm sure some people are already aware of it but I haven't seen any sort of solution, if there even is one. The G29 pedals are the same as the G25/G27 ones but have that chunk of rubber in the brake spring to give some sort of damping.

    I hate it. I removed it from my G29 pedals, which caused the issue of the calibration being off. With it removed, the pedal now travels the full length, except the built in calibration thinks full brake is at about 75% pedal travel (where the rubber chunk would usually stop it.)

    Anyway, to the point: I'm now using my G25 with the DriveHub on PS4 with GT Sport. I assume it shows itself to the system as a G29 or whatever, so the brake pedal issue remains.

    Is there any way to have the DriveHub compensate for this?
    GT Sport doesn't have any calibration features in it (and it'd be nice if they'd add it)
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    Re: Logitech Brake Pedal Calibration

    there isn't any function in DriveHub to deal with this per say. The G2x bases also don't have anything to accommodate this sort of adjustment as compared to fanatec bases... We have have a solution to this in the future, but there is nothing planned right now...
    I have always just used my G27 pedals for everything as that was my first wheel, maybe I'll unpack the G29 pedals and have a look when I have some time. I'm curious to see what they have. It must be in the pedals as the G29 has always worked no problem with the g27 pedals....

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    Re: Logitech Brake Pedal Calibration

    Thanks for the response.

    As far as I can tell, the pedals between all three of the G2x wheels are the same, except the G29s have the little rubber rectangle in it. Its about 1.25" long.

    After making this thread and spending more time thinking about it (and explaining it to someone else), I'm thinking the issue is GT Sport? I'm fairly certain the G29 pedals, even without the rubber, still calibrated correctly on PC. This leads me to believe all the hardware is the same, but GT Sport simply recognizes that a G29 is plugged in and uses a driver or whatever in the software that says "X value in brake pedal output is the maximum" rather then calibrating it on the fly.

    The way I could verify this is if I tried DriveClub on PS4 w/ the Drivehub and G25 to see how that game interprets the brake pedal output. Maybe I'll do that later. Just been lazy about it.

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