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    Hi, I updated my drivehub, but my G27 wheel is not calibrating or working, everything else works but wheel isnt working or calibrating. : [

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    Re: G27


    If I understand, it seems that you have the same issue than me :
    - hub is updated whith the latest firmware (done yesterday, can't remember the exact version it was)
    - Logitech G27
    - standard PS4
    I plug the hub, like on the videos, starting the ps4 by the power button...

    Hub display 0 so if i understand, it means that everything is ok. But it did not calibrating (going left and right alone)

    in game, the buttons work, the pedals work, even the shifting LEDs work. But not the steering wheel himself, you cannot turn and there is no force feedback.

    Do you manage to solve this problem? Quite sure I'm not doing things correctly! But I dit not manage to find the solution through the tutorials!

    Thank you

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