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Topic: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

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    Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick


    I'm currently using my Cronusmax+ to connect my dual modded Madcatz 360 stick to my PS4. It works flawlessly, but I'd like to have compatibility with my other stick. The second stick is a Madcatz Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick. I'm sure that it's completely possible to connect wirelessly through a wiimote, but I'd like to get a wired connection. I've got a PS3 compatible PCB that I could install into the Wii stick, but since that's such a limited use mod at this point, I was seeking another fix.

    I had been using my TvC stick with my Mac to play emulated games, and had purchased a Mayflash classic controller to usb cable which allowed me to basically turn it into a usb controller with a classic controller pcb. I was able to program the buttons through a program called joystick mapper, it worked great.

    After finding out that my MC Cthulhu board (that I had planned to install in the TvC stick) wasn't compatible with legacy consoles without upgrades (my reason for getting it), I started to look for other options for playing the new MvC Infinite game on PS4. In my research, I found out that you can plug the Wii stick into a PS3 via usb and it will work almost perfectly, but 2 of the buttons don't work. There's a hardware fix out there, but it requires changing the leads to the buttons, something I don't want to do. I tried this out via legacy controller mode on Street Fighter 5, and the Wii stick worked via usb, it just had the same problem of the L and R not functioning... Bummer.

    My hope, is to get my Wii fightstick/classic controller pro to connect via usb, through my CM+, to my PS4. Again, I'm sure it's completely possible to do via Bluetooth/Wiimote, and that CM+ can surely play nice with the controller, I just need to know how to tell it to do so through a cable.

    Much Thanks, I use your product all the time, across multiple platforms, and it's saved me tons of effort/cash in controller upgrades to this point. : )

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    As it's a modded controller, If it doesn't work directly with the CronusMAX via cable, you'll have to resort to using the X-Aim plugin on a PC to do the translations there, or the hardware mod you mentioned.

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    Ok, so I'd like to thank you, Swizzy, for your help. I wasn't able to get CM+ to recognize my controller while wired directly, so my options have been extremely limited. It would be awesome if you guys could look into addressing this incompatibility in a future update. It would open up the ability to use a bunch of the Wii era "classic controller" type controllers for non-Nintendo consoles. It would be fun to play, say, Mega Man Collection with my NES mini controller on my PS4, or Battletoads on my XBO. It would be incredible to have a lag free option, though slightly redundant. Again, please consider an update, thanks.

    I might also report that being a Mac user makes using your product MUCH more challenging. I killed an entire day just getting boot camp to run properly... kind of... before I wrestled it into running Cronus Pro. This is a poor work around for the end user of your product, because it takes so much time and effort. I spent 5-6 hours and a trip to the store for a new keyboard, barely getting windows to run with major hiccups, so I could start testing the CP software. What is a 5 min project on a Windows machine becomes a day long slog on Mac. I might suggest a compromise of using a Wine wrapper specifically tweaked for your software. X-Aim, for example, is currently running with too much lag to be useful, and I've got an i5 processor running the software from a solid state drive.

    I completely realize I'm likely a niche CM+ user, with my interests focused towards retro and fighting games, but I'm not likely the only one : ) Legacy controller support for Switch would be awesome to see happen, too. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    It wouldn't work with Wine on MAC, this has already been looked into with poor results.

    Not sure what you mean about lag with X-AIm? If it had lag no one would be able to use keyboard and mouse. When setup correctly it works great - it does take some tuning though.

    Setting up Cronus Pro on the MAC is actually pretty easy and doesn't take long at all. Here are the instructions using a number of methods

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    Hmm, maybe hire someone who actually has Mac experience? Literally the first thing I ever read on your site was a thread with multiple Mac users complaining about your product... Maybe you're missing out on marketshare? (that's as nicely as that can be said) If there aren't any Mac users interested in your product, why does the box say "Mac Compatible" in big letters? lol You guys should stop marketing to Macs, if you don't plan on working these issues out, honestly.

    I've personally gotten PC software (including games) working on my Mac with wine, which is why I suggested it. It's a common work around for businesses of your size that don't have a full Mac staff. You dismiss the idea outright... Ok, just trying to help... Also, the failure of the CM+ in this situation has more to do with trying to use X-Aim (which isn't well designed to be a simple button mapper) through a bootcamp windows partition. The "fix" you gave me is extremely convoluted, technically speaking and would likely introduce lag even if I were using a dedicated Windows rig.

    Another fix for me would be if I could simply plug my controller in and remap the buttons through the CP software. Why doesn't a button mapping feature exist? Anyway, this whole thing has me looking at Brook Converters for my future controller needs. They might only work one way, but they do actually work, and they have Switch support, and I don't have to fight with windows to use them... If they've got so many options, perhaps my situation is not as niche as i thought. Tell me, are there plans to expand CM+'s abilities in the future? Or are the current capabilities of CM+ going to remain unchanged? Another fix for my issue would be to simply program CM+ to recognize classic controllers. It would be great if I could get you guys to consider applying a fix, but I won't hold my breath.

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    Cronus Pro works fine on a MAC. You have to run it with Windows which is a common practice with MACs, and to be fair we do advertise that as how MAC support works, it's not hidden or "sneaky".

    Here are the Instructions in the manual:

    We don't have the resources or time to work on a dedicated Mac app unfortunatley. I hope that explains it better.

    There is also no fix available for the two unregistered buttons on certain fight sticks. It's a hardware issue, nothing the CronusMAX is capable of adjusting via software.

    You asked "why doesn't remapping software exist". There's lots of tools for remapping. You can map any other button that is registered, easily. There are multiple tools and multiple guides that show you how to do it - particularly the very first page of the instructions shows you about this.

    Devices like "Brook" won't do anything you require with regards to the non responsive buttons on the fightstick as its the same issue - those buttons are not designed to be read by that particular console.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    Obviously you're not interested in offering actual help, or hearing out possible fixes to serious issues with your software. Saying you're compatible with Mac, while requiring a Windows install is a facetious ambiguity. Otherwise, why make mention of the difference in compatibility in the first place. Why do games have Mac versions at all? According to your definition nearly every software is compatible with Mac. Therein lies the inaccuracy of your claims. You and I both know it, though you are not likely to acknowledge it. I was also attempting to offer the advice of creating your own Wine wrapper for your software, which is actually a good idea, seeing as you're not actually compatible with Mac, at least in the traditional sense. That would take one person a few hours to research, providing they were sufficiently up to date on both Mac and your software. I never asked for you to rewrite your software, just to attempt an optimization. You've taken me out of context on purpose and given me a boiler plate answer to a question never posed. It is also possible to add the ability to check for my controller in a wired configuration, technically, and again not something that would require redesign or months of team efforts. My computer registers the "hidden" buttons, for example, without any issue. I simply thought you might be more interested in developing your product before having this conversation... I was thinking about it while putting myself in your perspective, but we have different ideas about how to bring a product to market. I see it now, no worries.

    I'll assume Switch support is not planned and act accordingly. Brook absolutely does have a solution in that regard, whatever your claims. They also have devices that work without having to plug multiple controllers into the same port, another benefit over your current product. And they're continuously bringing new products to the market, so I'm not likely to run into these sorts of strange debates about what compatibility means, just people trying to create better products over time. You've just let me know that your product is running on old software that's not going to see further upgrades, again chasing me away from further investment. Maybe updating product description on Amazon is in order?

    I started this conversation thanking you for your product, and I'm leaving the conversation with a decidedly different tone and feeling. Instead of a conversation, I received a dismissal, avoidance of my points, and open rudeness (which is how I'm taking your "wont do anything you require" jab). Your customer service has been a series of denials, never really covering the problem. Like how you say the button issue is due to "unregistered buttons." No, it's actually caused by your devices inability to recognize the controller. The problem of unregistered buttons using this controller on a PS3 or PS4 is caused by incompatibility and unrecognized buttons. The buttons are unregistered to a PS4, but are not truly unregistered. You're simply dismissing my issue without full consideration. To fully explain my "why doesn't remapping software exist," I'll clarify: I don't understand why you wouldn't have a mode for registering and button mapping for usb compatible controllers. That seems to be an oversight, many people play games with pc controllers and X-Aim is a poor solution. Page one of your instructions doesn't cover that subject at all, though. Again, rendering your (cynical) suggestion to read it more offensive than helpful. Thanks for that.

    This has been an eye opening experience for me. I'll temper my expectations in the future. Thanks for your time, even though you offered no help at all, and gave me no reason to believe you care about my experience as your customer. It's all good, I know it's tough to improve your faults, not everyone's up for it... or able to take constructive criticism. I get it. : )

    Best wishes

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    Re: Trying to avoid a hardware mod on my fightstick

    I'm sorry you feel that way. I addressed your concerns with reasons. I explained why there is no MAC app, I'm sorry that you ignored what I said (or seemed to) - and you were also told that Wine had been looked into and doesn't work. I'm not sure why you refused to accept the answers given - just because they weren't the answers you hoped for doesn't mean you were being dismissed. You also said that you found it 'offensive' when I suggested to read a particular page in the manual (that explains mapping and remapping and what tools to use and where to get the instructions) - I honestly don't know how to respond to that?

    Switch support is planned - just not for the CronusMAX as there is no space in the firmware for it.

    You say we haven't given this full consideration (regarding the unregistered buttons) - but we have. We've been working on this for 6 years - I can assure you we have looked at it in depth. It may seem simple on the surface to you, but rest assured it's anything but.

    Regarding the other adapter you mentioned - their devices use a hacked controller IC that provides a security code that can easily be patched. It's been blocked once before by Sony. This is why they are not sold in stores like GameStop.

    I'm sorry that you are not satisfied and I wish you the best.

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