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Topic: Controller for PC Use

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    Controller for PC Use

    My Drivehub is on the way and wanted to know if I need to purchase a ps3 controller for use on PC? or will either an xbox or ps4 controller work for windows use?
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    Re: Controller for PC Use


    DriveHub is for Xbox One, PS4 and some support for PS3. It is not designed for PC use.

    Are you thinking of the CronusMAX?

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    Re: Controller for PC Use

    Just thought I would update:

    Drivehub does work for pc with ps3 controller and thanks to the tip from Frakatchoo about downloading the G27 driver ( ) I have FFB on my wireless Xbox 360 wheel. I was playing project cars on my Oculus Rift with full wheel support. There is some setting adjustment for the logitech software that needs to happen and in game setup aswell but it all works now as it should.

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    Re: Controller for PC Use

    With the current release version you need s DS3 in port 1 to use on PS3 or legacy PC mode.

    We have changed that now but is as yet not released.

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