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Topic: Ps4 Assetto Corsa Understeer

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    Ps4 Assetto Corsa Understeer

    The first time I had oversteering problems and sometime connect/disconnect then an other problem was that sometime there is ffb and sometime not. I still have this problem and moreover I have a new one since I update game's firmware: now there is understeer and I cannot play. I did everything like in wheel edition manuale. I put off ds3 Bluetooth. I put g27 in port one and ds3 in port 3 that is the only way it works. I upgrade firmware. I'm going crazy between trying and searching for solutions online but I cannot fix nothing.
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    Re: Ps4 Assetto Corsa Understeer

    Sorry your are having issues. This sounds like you may have a cable(s) malfunctioning in your setup with all the disconnecting and ffb issues. The oversteer/understeer may be related to the in-game settings?

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