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Topic: [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

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    [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

    Hello guys first post here ^^

    First of all, I have to say a big thank you to all the CronusMax Team for making this product and all the support behind. You saved me a lot of money for avoiding to buy a new PS4 wheel compatible. It's been working great for over three months with all the force feedback and the buttons.

    But yesterday, I had a sudden problem. I was practicing in GT Sport like I do everyday, my wheel and braking felt normal with the GPC Scripts installed three months ago and then after a few laps before a corner, my braking felt a lot more sensitive (I locked my wheels up) and my TCS and braking balance on the dial was impossible to set like I want. Common problem in GT Sport which I knew about. It's like all the GPC scripts disappeared in the middle of my lap...

    So I first restart my PS4 and GTSport to see if it could come back to normal, it didn't work.
    Then I reset my CronusMax Key back to factory settings: Reset button, got the "P" then emergency erase memory slots and finally Factory settings. After all that, I reinstalled the CronusMax software to stock like I got it brand new, Followed the instructions for PS4 wheel edition mode and I installed the GPC scripts I had before. Got back in GT Sport, still have the super sensitive braking and the dials TCS + brake balance impossible to set with the mapped + - buttons.
    It's like the Cronus Key cannot read the GPC scripts anymore. I kept trying to install these GPC Scripts over and over but it still doesn't want to read them...

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    I can still drive almost normally, but I can't trail brake like I normally do on most tracks in GTSport. And it's now tricky to manage my fuel consomption in FIA races + set the TCS and set the braking balance.

    Does anyone have an idea and can help me please ? Thank you for your help

    - CronusMax Plus Ordered in December 2017
    - Firemware 1.24 WE
    - CronusMax DriveHub ordered from the Cronuxmax website
    - Logitech G27 wheel connected into port 1
    - DS4 Controller into port 4
    - PS4 PRO
    - Computer Windows 7 x64

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    Re: [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

    Sorry to hear you are having issues, I'd hope sensitivity settings in-game are the culprit, have you checked those I'm guessing?

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    Re: [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

    Thank you for your response
    Well, there's no way to change the sensitivity of the brakes, the throttle or the multi fonction display in GT Sport. (MFD is for setting up TCS, Fuel consumption and brake balance)
    I'm definitely sure the problem is from the CronusMax cause I saw GT Sport Brakes and MFD high sensitivity is a common problem that most people complained on this forum and you made a great GPC Script fix for some of these problems.
    It's just the CronusMax key refuse to memorize the GPC Scripts even though I do everything I should (Download > Program Device > Window installation pop up I click OK > Install....Device Reboot Done > "P" for a second on the CronusMax key display then back to circuit mode > I click Finish)
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    Re: [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

    Still have this problem. Is there something I could do ? I can't be competitive if I can't trail brake :/
    Any help please ? Thank you
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    Re: [GT Sport] [G27] CronusMax key can't read anymore the GPC Scripts

    I've not heard of a Cronus forgetting the script it's running. Is it resetting the profile you have selected on the CronusMax itself? There may also be some conflicts in the GPC code that are causing the issue, which may appear like a de-sync of mapping/combos/etc. If you post it here, we may get to the bottom of it. I'm not the best at debugging code but others may be able to chime in as well.

    If you look at the telemetry in-game, are you seeing differences from how far you press the pedal down, and what is actually registering in-game? Just trying to get more info about what precisely is the issue. thanks

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