hello to all guys, I'm new, and I'm Italian. so i'm using google translator because i do not know english ahah well.
I have encountered a problem with "Destiny2 / x22DOT (1.5)"
Rapid fire for reconnaissance works great,
for impulse rifles I do not know because I have not tried.
I found problems with automatic rifles that shoot very slowly and with fusion rifles that do not fire right.
I do not know, maybe I'm not able to ahahah
1. play on ps4 pro 4.50
2 scuf gaming infinity pro
3 use "Destiny2 / x22DOT (1.5) official
4 I use it on slot # 4
6 the problem is that using the rapid fire for reconnaissance rifles the types of automatic rifles, lasers, fusion do not work properly. (the shotguns I did not try)
thanks: D: D: D