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Topic: Fanatec CS Handbrake V1.5

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    Fanatec CS Handbrake V1.5


    I'm trying to use a V1.5 handbrake with my Logitech G29 (on PS4 and X1) via the accessory port on the drivehub. However, neither console recognizes input from the handbrake. As I understand, the handbrake should mimic input from Cross / A button, but when I pull the brake, there is simply no activity.

    Latest firmware (2.0.2) on the drivehub. In-game, the handbrake is mapped to cross (or A). When I connect USB to the accessory port, the hub displays "CUSb-5h" before ending on the normal "0".

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Fanatec CS Handbrake V1.5

    I would say it displays CUSb-Sh which is the same thing but means that you USB adapter is on shifter mode. You need to connect it to you PC, go to the control panel, pick the game applet and configure the CUSB to be in handbrake mode...

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    Re: Fanatec CS Handbrake V1.5

    Thanks, Podger. I actually figured that piece out yesterday, updated the adapter, and now the drivehub shows 'CUSb-Hb'.

    I initially bought Dirt Rally on Xbox, then bought it again when VR mode released on PS4. After updating the USB adapter, the brake is now recognized in Dirt Rally on Xbox, but not on PS4. Thoughts on that?


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    Re: Fanatec CS Handbrake V1.5

    i assume you are using the G29 in port 1 in direct drive mode as we call it. we missed mapping the handbrake in that driver. The change is in the code but isnt released.

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