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Topic: GPC Fortnite Help

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    I Am Error

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    GPC Fortnite Help

    Hello, I am seeking the bests possible aim abuse or so called ''aimbot'' scripts that are available in order to test them out in-game, seek which one is the best and aim towards improving the fun that the community of the forum has whilst playing the game. I am not interested in scripts that contain auto-builds, rapid fire or whatever. It will be really appriecietive if somehow the ability of using a sniper/scoped AR had the aim-abuse script help land shots. All kind of submissions will be tested, thank you for the help.

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    Babyfaced Assassin

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    Re: GPC Fortnite Help

    I would Like a Fortnite double pump script that works perectly in GPC form. Thanks to anyone how can provide this!

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