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Topic: Need Help Setting Up.

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    Need Help Setting Up.

    Hi, new member here,

    Ive just bought this product and installed Cronus Pro v1.20. Now I am trying to get a mouse and keyboard working for my xbox one so I can play PUBG and Fortnite.

    Now when I have the Cronus plugged into my xbox and laptop (which i has a seperate mouse and keyboard for that are both also plugged into laptop) when I enter capture mode it doesnt work. I see the mouse detecter meter flash when i move the mouse. But nothing works on the xbox one.

    I would really like some one who can help me please.

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    My Other Ride Is a Yoshi

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    Re: Need Help Setting Up.

    UPDATE. I have got the keyboard and mouse working on my xbox.

    I have extreme button lag or something. I have to press buttons sometimes 5 times for it to work. Does this happen to anyone else?

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