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Topic: Same Button Different combo - Help Please

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    Same Button Different combo - Help Please

    So i have a want/need to be able to hit the same button but run a different combo depending if it is the first time pressed second time pressed third time pressed or fourth time pressed.

    This isnt something i need to do in rapid succession i simply want to press for instance D-Pad Right and have it do Combo_1 combo one sets a counter? maybe? and then the next time i hit D-Pad Right it goes to Combo_2 and it adds to the counter When i press D-Pad Right again (third time) i want to run Combo_1 again and add to the counter and then when i press D-Pad Right again (the 4th time) i want it to run Combo_3 and reset to waiting for the "first" press.

    I have tried a number of methods that made sense to me but every time i go to set it up it keeps acting as if it is the first time putting it in so im guessing i am a bit off on it.

    I have tried it like this
    if(counter = 1){       if(get_val(XB1_RIGHT) )  { set_val(XB1_RIGHT,0); combo_run(combo_1);}}
    and like this

           if(get_val(XB1_RIGHT) && counter = 1)  { set_val(XB1_RIGHT,0); combo_run(combo_1);}
    and for my adding to the counter i have tried this at the end of the combo
    counter = (counter + 1);
    counter = counter + 1;
    and to reset i have just been putting counter = 1;

    Please help!! Thanks in advance

    Shoot, i think i may have put this in the wrong area. Sorry if i did!!
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    Re: Same Button Different combo - Help Please

    Maybe try this?

    Sorry this is probably not the greatest attempt. I'm still unfamiliar with GPC but slowly getting there lol
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