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Topic: Strange request for CM DEVS only

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    Italian Plumber

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    Strange request for CM DEVS only

    Hi there,

    Do you think your CM device could have a CFW to be able to send payloads to hack the Nintendo Switch?

    Everyone is going crazy on the Switch hacking and TeamXecuter is going to sell the OS only and we would need to use a PC\android device to send the payload, if CM could also do it, I think a lot more people would buy it, specially with the new one supporting Switch, it was cool if it could be used to hack the Switch and then use it as the normal CM with controller support + mods...

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    Zeal Prophet

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    Re: Strange request for CM DEVS only

    But at the same time you must understand that we abuse whats already given to us legally, for them to get caught up in "hacking" is more or less immoral for the company.

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    Italian Plumber

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    Re: Strange request for CM DEVS only

    Its not illegal as we can use any device that can send the payloads... Else having a PC or android phone, raspberry Pi or whatever out there device that can be used would be considered illegal too...

    On the PS4 they flashed a wireless card to send the payload instead of having to use the PC, that doesn't render the wireless card illegal, but the payload then yes would be considered...

    Now the payloads would be the illegal part, but aren't included, we either make ours or use any custom one out there...

    ps: But a lot of people is thinking to make some diy modchip to send the payload, later kate will release the info on how to build one and CM would be a nice option in a small portable device to send the payload.
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