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Topic: "On red crosshair = shoot"?

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    Exclamation "On red crosshair = shoot"?

    I have bought me a cronusmax plus from game stop a year ago and I never learned how to make scripts until barely now.

    Nowhere do I see any code support for crosshair.

    Or maybe I am not looking hard enough...

    All I want is a script that presses RT only when my crosshair in any game detects an enemy or turns red.

    Or at least, a code that that lets me spin my crosshair in a small rotation from: (RX, -40) (RY, -40) (RX, 40) (RY, 40); but that doesn't work... It just locks onto a random location on the screen.

    Or if anything, a script that lets me strafe left and right really fast upon pressing RT.

    I have a modded elite controller, and it sucks.

    But it has It's advantages when mixing it with cronusmax scripts, SOMETIMES. lol.

    Anyways, can anyone help me out? - or - at least point me to some programming section that has to do with crosshair?
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