Is it possible for me to use CronusMax GPC's On the PC For PC Gaming Using Mouse and Keyboard?? I have followed a few tutorials with no luck, I am currently using 2 PC's to do these suggested steps with no luck:

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The complete solution mk. 1:
1. Connect Keyboard and Mouse/Mice (whatever name you prefer) to your laptop/(PC you're not playing on)
2. Run Cronus PRO on your laptop with admin rights
3. Connect PC-PROG on CronusMax (side port) to your laptop/(PC you're not playing on)
4. Be sure to set Cronus output as X360
5. Check above step again
6. Connect Cronus Output port to your Gaming PC
7. Adjust settings and Scripts
8. Program Cronus
9. Run X-AIM
10. Load Scripts in X-AIM
11. Profit

This should work, I don't have my cam tripod so I won't make a good quality tutorial
and remember: to make this you need 2 PC's /PC & laptop aka. 2 windows-based machines ... name it as you want

My setup pictures below [X-AIM is not running, so you won't see three dashes on my CM-Plus]
Please help me!