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Topic: Can't get USB Hub + Wheel working.

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    Question Can't get USB Hub + Wheel working.

    i've cronusmax since first days, i was interested in wheel mode as i have a T80 which is not fully compatible with GT sport.
    so i've bought an Amazon basics usb hub, one of the list of compatible hubs you provided
    i've followed the tutorial, in particular:
    -update to FW wheel mode edition 1.24
    -fixed settings as shown in the manual
    -connected DS4 to port 4 (the rear one, in the amazonbasics usb hub)
    -connected wheel to port 1 and to DC
    -connected usb hub to cronusmax
    -connected cronusmax to ps4
    -powered on ps4

    what i get is an intermittent login popup with controllers not responding
    wheel does not auto-calibrate as expected

    tried bunch of different cables, no change
    tried different usb ports on ps4, no change
    tried a little usb extender, no change

    as for manual even if wheel is not compatible the A/U phase should be reach

    what should i do?
    thank you


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    Re: Can't get USB Hub + Wheel working.

    ok, i've a bad fresh update:
    cronusmax stopped working.

    during the trial described in the previous post i've also check fw status on cronus pro and it was ok
    then, after that post, i checked again and fw corrupt error appeared showing 0.01 WE
    tried to update either to 1.24 and 1.23 but no go, always 0.01 WE fw displayed

    then tried another usb cable to prog-port as suggested, no go
    tried another pc, same story

    the curious thing is that with corrupted fw i do get to A/U phase but once i connect anything to usb port on the cronusmax, i get E/E

    maybe something's fried

    i think the only chance is to repair this cronusmax but i think i'm out of warranty and i think won't buy another one as simply it's not worth of it.

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